Kawai KDP 90

Kawai is a brand leading name in the piano and keyboard industry, if you know much about pianos you have probably heard their name mentioned before.

For over 85 years, they have been crafting some of the finest pianos in the world. They are also well known for the innovation and creativity that they put into their instruments.


Not everybody would picture the Kawai KDP90 when they thought of digital pianos. The beauty that is built into the KDP90 is amazing.

It is a stand up digital piano that is powered by some of the best technology out there. The Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology, for example, helps the Kawai KDP 90 sound like the piano that you expect.

For the jacks, you will find that you can connect MIDI in and out and two headphones. Kawai has built versatility into this budget digital piano.

It also has a very realistic pedal system and 88 weighted keys to help make your input feel as natural as possible. You can buy the KDP90 in Premium Rosewood, a finish that fits in any environment.