Kawai GX-7

Kawai was started by a young man in Japan who had a dream of starting a piano company.

With persistence his dream came true and the company is now one of the most renowned piano makers. The Kawai GX-7 was designed to take that traditional craftsmanship and merge it with technology.

The GX-7 is a full concert grand piano that is both ground breaking and refined. An extended keyboard has a consistent touch weight and allows for the player to be more expressive in their music.

The materials used inside the Kawai are cutting edge, including both carbon fiber and ABS.

You may think that these would affect the quality of the sound but instead it enhances the sound. A company with the history that Kawai has, would not use any lesser materials in their pianos. It would be bad for their name and reputation.

The GX-7 from Kawai is available in an Ebony Polish that fits any setting perfectly. It will look like it belongs in the room. The brass hardware adds to the image of the piano, finishing off the design with an extra hint of quality.