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Like many might guess from the name Kawai Musical Instruments is a Japanese piano and keyboard company that is based out of Hamamatsu Japan. The company has been around since 1927. It is somewhat younger than many of the piano companies featured on our website. Since its foundation, the company has managed to make quite a name for itself.

Koichi Kawai learned really young how to work with mechanical devices and even how to create them. He even created his own pedal driven cart. After apprenticing with a local watchmaker and organ builder, Kawai became a innovator in Japanese pianos. That organ builder was the founder of Yamaha.

Kawai left the company when he became frustrated and started his own company and piano research laboratory.

Currently Kawai produces four types of pianos: grand pianos, upright pianos, digital pianos, and hybrid pianos. Each one appeals to a different market but they are all made with the same innovative quality that Koichi Kawai intended for his company.

There are four different lines of Kawai grand pianos. The Ex Concert Piano, the GX Blak Series Grand Pianos, GL Series Grand Pianos, and CR40A Crystal Piano.s. Out of these grand pianos, the first two are performance pianos, carrying that outstanding Kawai voice. GL Series Grand Pianos are professional grade grand pianos that are sought after by all kinds of musical professionals. The last piano is a grand built out of crystal, metal, and wood. A true work of art.

Under the upright pianos you can find five different types: K Series Professional Uprights, Anytime Pianos, Decorator Series, Institutional, and Continental. Each one has a different purpose in mind, whether it is for learning, recording, or just general practice.

Kawai makes a wide line of digital pianos that incorporate beauty into a digital appearance. The various lines all feature top of the line sound technology to help give pianos a voice. They also feature USB connections to help make the most out of the music making ability of the pianos.

A hybrid piano is a relatively new idea in the piano world. It connects the digital piano world with the acoustic piano world. Kawai offers three different hybrid pianos.

Buying a piano can be difficult, there are a lot of different brands out there and then each brand has multiple models. That is why we formed this guide. Should you decide that you want a Kawai piano make sure that you take a look at our various Kawai product descriptions to get an idea for the individual piano.

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