Kawai Pianos

Like many might guess from the name Kawai Musical Instruments is a Japanese piano and keyboard company that is based out of Hamamatsu Japan. The company has been around since 1927. It is somewhat younger than many of the piano companies featured on our website. Since its foundation, the company has managed to make quite a name for itself.

Koichi Kawai learned really young how to work with mechanical devices and even how to create them. He even created his own pedal driven cart. After apprenticing with a local watchmaker and organ builder, Kawai became a innovator in Japanese pianos. That organ builder was the founder of Yamaha.

Kawai left the company when he became frustrated and started his own company and piano research laboratory.

Currently Kawai produces 4 types of pianos: upright pianos, grand pianos, digital pianos, and hybrid pianos. Each one appeals to a different market but they are all made with the same innovative quality that Koichi Kawai intended for his company.

There are four different lines of Kawai grand pianos. The Ex Concert Piano, the GX Blak Series Grand Pianos, GL Series Grand Pianos, and CR40A Crystal Piano.s. Out of these grand pianos, the first two are performance pianos, carrying that outstanding Kawai voice. GL Series Grand Pianos are professional grade grand pianos that are sought after by all kinds of musical professionals. The last piano is a grand built out of crystal, metal, and wood. A true work of art.

Under the upright pianos you can find five different types: K Series Professional Uprights, Anytime Pianos, Decorator Series, Institutional, and Continental. Each one of them has a different purpose in mind, whether it is for learning, recording, or just general practice.

Kawai makes a wide line of digital pianos that incorporate beauty into a digital appearance. The various lines all feature top of the line sound technology to help give pianos a voice. They also feature USB connections to help make the most out of the music making ability of the pianos.

A hybrid piano is a relatively new idea in the piano world. It connects the digital piano world with the acoustic piano world. Kawai offers three different hybrid pianos.

Buying a piano can be difficult, there are a lot of different brands out there and then each brand has multiple models. That is why we formed this guide. Should you decide that you want a Kawai piano make sure that you take a look at our various Kawai product descriptions to get an idea for the individual piano.


Kawai Grand Pianos


Kawai SK EX

Kawai is a Japanese piano company that brought piano production to Japan. From a company founded on a dream of building pianos, to building some of the world’s best pianos, you know you are getting quality when you choose Kawai. The Kawai SK EX does not disappoint on that front.Kawai SK EX You will find the Kawai SK EX to be a concert grand piano that is capable of performing with any other big name grand.

Many piano sellers refer to the piano as a world-class piano. Materials that are used in the SK EX are chosen from the finest available.These pianos are a fine representation of the instrument market because each one is hand crafted and only around 20 are produced each year.Sound quality from the SK EX is capable of filling a performance hall or providing a more intimate setting, depending on your desires. The length of the piano is just an inch over 9 feet. It is available in an ebony polish and the hardware is a beautiful brass. 

Kawai GX-7

Kawai was started by a young man in Japan who had a dream of starting a piano company.With persistence his dream came true and the company is now one of the most renowned piano makers. The Kawai GX-7 was designed to take that traditional craftsmanship and merge it with technology.The GX-7 is a full concert grand piano that is both ground breaking and refined. An extended keyboard has a consistent touch weight and allows for the player to be more expressive in their music.The materials used inside the Kawai are cutting edge, including both carbon fiber and ABS.You may think that these would affect the quality of the sound but instead it enhances the sound. A company with the history that Kawai has, would not use any lesser materials in their pianos. It would be bad for their name and reputation.The GX-7 from Kawai is available in an Ebony Polish that fits any setting perfectly. It will look like it belongs in the room. The brass hardware adds to the image of the piano, finishing off the design with an extra hint of quality. 

Kawai Upright Pianos


Kawai K200

This best-selling upright piano, the Kawai K200 is known for its size that is ideal for any studio.While it may be small for some, it certainly adds a rich and flavorful tone to any type of music. It is well-crafted, carefully designed, and sounds great in any accompaniment.Kawai K200Constructed with a mixture of traditional wood and ABS-Carbon Composite parts, the K200 features Kawai’s well know Millenium III Upright Action.This construction system allows a responsive, quick piano action, as well as soft responses with every touch.With the technology and design that is put into the K200, Kawai boasts of its highly sufficient richness. It plays tones that are of great clarity and quality that can be heard by the ear and felt the hands.
  • Mahogany hammer moldings, which are very lightweight
  • NEOTEX surface material, which makes the K200’s keys feel like ivory and ebony. It also made to resist cracking and fading.
  • Adjustable bench height


Kawai K300

The Kawai K300 Upright Piano is a wonderful acoustic design with a very professional appearance. It will fit in in either your home or studio.The top brings the height of the piano to 48” or 4 feet. Just the perfect size for a vibrant practice piano. This model is based off of the K-3 design by Kawai and has brought various improvements.Kawai K300While the K-300 comes standard in black with a brass finish. There are a couple of options available though. You can also get white with a brass finish or satin mahogany with brass finish.All colors can also have nickel hardware installed. The bench that comes with the piano matches its elegance but is also adjustable in height to fit people of any size.Sound produced by the Kawai K300 is vibrant and can easily fill a room. Parts inside the piano use ABS plastic to keep costs down while providing good quality.The design is their second tier up in the K line of pianos. It is still being produced so you have the option to buy a new one from Kawai or to look for a used one on one of the various markets. 

Kawai K500

The Kawai K500 is a tall piano that reaches almost 5 feet in height. It combines the various qualities you look for in a higher end piano into an upright piano that will add life to your studio, home, or establishment.A detailed range of notes and richness is helped by outstanding power. It brings with it a number of upgrades from the lower number Kawai designs.Kawai K500Besides the NEOTEX key surfaces that allow for precise presses, the K500 utilizes the upper Duplex scale. This enables the piano to have better harmonics via a brilliance and richness that others in the price range miss out on.Each hammer features double felt with a mahogany core for great sound quality and an amazing lifespan.Three different color schemes are available for the Kawai K500: Polished Ebony, Satin Ebony, and Polished Sapeli Mahogany.All of the models feature brass detailing and ABS-carbon composite parts. You will also get an adjustable height bench that allows anyone of any size to be able to play at the piano.It is designed to fit in with any of the designs while still looking professional compared to some companies who just provide a generic looking bench. 

Kawai K15

If you are looking for an introduction to upright pianos that includes quality at a wonderful price the Kawai K15 Continental Console Piano is a great option. It includes a wonderful design and ABS plastic parts.The parts are crafted using the finest of ABS printing methods and it is an ultra-responsive model, all this while remaining a beautiful device.Kawai K15In order to give the piano the level of responsiveness it has, it utilizes direct blow action. Each hammer hits directly and sounds of with a melodic tone.A solid spruce soundboard helps to give it the beautiful upright piano sound that you come to expect from such a beautiful panel.The pinblock is made from hard maple to give it years of durability on top of a beautiful sound. To support all of this, the K15 also features four back support posts.Unlike some of the other Kawai model pianos, the K-15 comes in only two colors. The standard black that almost all of the Kawai pianos come in is an option, but you can also get polished mahogany.You won’t be disappointed by the beauty of the Kawai K15, both visually and the rich sound that it produces. 

Kawai Digital Pianos


Kawai MP11

Kawai has a long and storied history of making amazing digital pianos. The Kawai MP11 is a premium digital piano-focused on the professional who needs a bit of versatility but will mostly employ it for his or her piano needs.
mp11 revieved
The feel and the sound reproduction have been given a lot of emphases. It also boasts a plethora of additional features to make it stand toe to toe with the competition. We had a go at the MP11 to figure out if it is as good as advertised and worth the premium price it demands. 

Kawai MP7

Kawai has slowly but steadily cemented its place among musical instrument manufacturers for making some of the best digital pianos at great prices. The Kawai-MP7 review$1000-plus segment is a highly competitive one where musicians expect a digital piano to do more than just provide a reliable piano sound and feel. The Kawai MP7 falls under this category and we checked it out to see how it stacked up against the competition. It promises to be a worthy successor to the MP6 and is designed to offer musicians with a powerful keyboard that can produce a variety of sounds all in a portable form factor. Here is the impression that the Kawai MP7 left on us.

Kawai ES110

In a world populated by instruments trying to do too much, Kawai tries to do one thing and do it really well with the Kawai ES110. Instead of designing a piano that does other stuff too, they have tried to make a digital piano that comes as close as possible to an acoustic piano. In this review we’ll find out if it has accomplished this task. While nothing can capture the elegance of an acoustic piano from a visual standpoint, this one looks quite good when compared to other digital pianos but as..

Kawai ES8

Premium musical instruments are a weird segment as often you have to end up paying a lot for something very less. We would assume that a $1000 instrument would be twice as good as a $500 instrument but that is usually never the case. That is why plenty of research has to be done to make sure that you are getting enough of a return on your investment when purchasing a premium instrument to make it feel worthwhile. With that in mind, let us take a look at the Kawai ES8, a digital piano in the $1000 plus segment and see if it has the quality and features to justify its cost. This is a digital piano that has been built like a tank. It can easy withstand pretty much any of the rigours you might encounter on the road.

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Kawai KDP 90

Kawai has been a stalwart name when it comes to acoustic pianos but of late they have been making a name for themselves by manufacturing some great Kawai KDP 90 reviewsdigital pianos as well. The purists have always scorned at the idea of a digital piano because until now they have never felt and sounded as good as the real deal unless you are willing to spend a lot of money. Kawai plans to change that with the KDP90 by making a digital piano that looks, feels and sounds like an acoustic piano. That is a very high bar but if anyone could pull it off then it has to be Kawai. In this review you will find out if the Kawai KDP90 is as good as has been claimed by its makers.

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