Steinway Pianos

Steinway & Sons Piano take great pride in being more than just a piano builder, they are craftsmen. Builders start out as apprentices and work their way up to master builders. This traditional style of employment makes true works of art, not just pianos. It also shows caring.

The company has seen great success for over 160 years. During that time the company has seen great success, their pianos have been bought by both professionals and students. They make great choices for studios, performance settings, and recording settings.

The company was founded by Heinrich Steinweg, a German immigrant who later Americanized his name to Henry Steinway. Steinway’s first factory was in Queens. As the company grew it also had a Hamburg factory that provided the piano supply to the rest of the world.

An interesting worldwide effort by Steinway helps instrumentalists around the world, this is known as the Piano Bank. Musicians and other performers can check out pianos for tours and concerts. This allows Steinway to further get its name out there.

Steinway focuses heavily on building both grand and upright pianos. This allows them to focus on what they excel at. If you want a keyboard you should go elsewhere. Those looking for a truly professional piano choose Steinway.

Just because their pianos are works of art and lean towards craftsmanship does not mean that they don’t embrace technology. In fact, their Spiro system is highly sought after in the musical world.

Spiro is a digital system that is added on to a number of the Steinway Pianos that allows for the piano to be controlled from an iPad in order to have the instrument play great pieces of work without a person behind it. These performances are outstanding. You can also use the system to record.

It is very rare to find a pianist that regrets buying a Steinway & Sons piano. So much work is put into the pianos that each one is so unique that it is a powerful instrument for any level of musician. They also retain their value for ages.

Are you considering getting a Steinway & Sons piano? We have gone ahead and created product guides for many of the Steinway pianos that you might be considering purchasing. Make sure that you take a look at the guides for them before making a decision. It will help you to get a feel for the piano. We also have guides for many other piano brands.

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