Steinway Pianos

Steinway & Sons Piano take great pride in being more than just a piano builder, they are craftsmen. Builders start out as apprentices and work their way up to master builders. This traditional style of employment makes true works of art, not just pianos. It also shows caring.

The company has seen great success for over 160 years. During that time the company has seen great success, their pianos have been bought by both professionals and students. They make great choices for studios, performance settings, and recording settings.

The company was founded by Heinrich Steinweg, a German immigrant who later Americanized his name to Henry Steinway. Steinway’s first factory was in Queens. As the company grew it also had a Hamburg factory that provided the piano supply to the rest of the world.

An interesting worldwide effort by Steinway helps instrumentalists around the world, this is known as the Piano Bank. Musicians and other performers can check out pianos for tours and concerts. This allows Steinway to further get its name out there.

Steinway focuses heavily on building both grand and upright pianos. This allows them to focus on what they excel at. If you want a keyboard you should go elsewhere. Those looking for a truly professional piano choose Steinway.

Just because their pianos are works of art and lean towards craftsmanship does not mean that they don’t embrace technology. In fact, their Spiro system is highly sought after in the musical world.

Spiro is a digital system that is added on to a number of the Steinway Pianos that allows for the piano to be controlled from an iPad in order to have the instrument play great pieces of work without a person behind it. These performances are outstanding. You can also use the system to record.

It is rare to find a pianist that regrets buying a Steinway & Sons piano. So much work is put into the pianos that each one is so unique that it is a powerful instrument for any level of musician. They also retain their value for ages.

Are you considering getting a Steinway & Sons piano? We have gone ahead and created product guides for many of the Steinway pianos that you might be considering purchasing. Make sure that you take a look at the guides for them before making a decision. It will help you to get a feel for the piano. We also have guides for many other piano brands.

Steinway Grand Pianos


Steinway Model A

Steinway has a long tradition of building pianos that are a piece of art. Each piano they craft is crafted with love by real humans, not machines. By making pianos by hand they are keeping tradition alive but also ensuring a line of quality throughout their models. It also makes each piano unique, as Steinway likes to say, they are as unique as the people who play them.

The Model A by Steinway is a salon grand piano that sits on the upper edge of the medium size range for such instruments. At six feet two inches it is a good mix of sound and size. Even though it is not the largest of pianos, the spruce soundboard that is inside helps it to resonate with a great voice that represents the hand made nature of the Steinway brand well.

Because the Model A, and all other Steinway instruments are crafted by hand, there is a limited availability every year. That limited availability allows you to speak with Steinway and request customizations to the piano.
The standard finish is a black high gloss finish and the hardware is brass in color. If you want to request a custom finish, you can do so by contacting Steinway.


Steinway Model B

Steinway has produced pianos for years and they are one of the most well-known manufactors in the industry. Their instruments are some of the most high-quality pianos on the market. This comes from the fact that each artisan that creates these pieces of art is highly trained. It also comes from the fact that their pianos are still created by hand. As Steinway says, this creates pianos that are as unique as those who play them.

The Model B by Steinway is on the larger side of the medium-sized classic grand pianos. Many consider it the perfect piano. It is designed for mid-sized venues and puts out the sound to perform. It can also find a home in refined houses and teaching venues.

The Model B is available with the option to have Spirio installed. Spirio is a player piano feature developed by Steinway to help pianists further enjoy their instrument. Whether it is playing a classic or recording a song that you are writing, the Spirio system is capable of doing it. The system is all controlled with an iPad.

Like with the other Steinway Pianos, the Model B comes standard with a high gloss black finish. Due to the fact that the pianos are handmade, you can request a custom finish to help the piano fit anywhere.


Steinway Model M

Steinway and Sons is a well-known piano manufacturer that has been producing high-quality instruments for years. The pianos crafted by Steinway are hand made with quality. All of the artisans who work on the pianos are highly trained and take great care in making each piano unique. Steinway says that their pianos are as unique as the people that play them.

There are a lot of pianos made by Steinway but the Model M stands out as a smaller option for those who wish to have a piano for most size rooms, including the smaller rooms. It has a rich voice that is made even better by the responsiveness of the keys. The noise it makes will fill up a room, even with its small size.

You can also get the Model M as a Steinway Spirio piano which is a player piano with high resolution technology built in. All of the Spirio features are controlled by an iPad. While just an option, the Spirio feature is a wonderful addition to an amazing piano.

The standard finish for the Steinway Model M is a high gloss black and it comes with brass hardware. Because each Steinway is made by hand, you can request custom finishes to help make the piano fit in anywhere you want it.


Steinway Model O

Steinway and Sons is a major manufacturer of finely crafted pianos. Their main focus is on upright and grand pianos. One of the reasons they are so popular is that to Steinway employees, each piano they craft is a work of art. All of their pianos are still handcrafted. By handcrafting their pianos, each instrument has its own unique voice. One that is just as unique as the musician who plays on it.

The Model O is a small grand piano produced by Steinway and is labeled the living room grand. While it is a small piano, its five foot ten inch size make it large for a small piano. In fact, it is the largest small grand that Steinway makes. By keeping the Model O a small piano it can fit in almost any space while still providing that same grand sound.

All of the materials that are used to craft this fine instrument are from the best out there. For example, fine European spruce has been sourced from the best lumber yards for multiple parts of the piano. Maple and heavy, solid brass have also been used throughout the piano.


Steinway Model S

Years have seen Steinway producing some of the finest pianos in the world. Their dedication to traditional piano making is part of what has kept their business so popular.

Steinway’s Model S is a city grand piano and is the smallest of the grand pianos that they make. It was originally released in the 1930’s to bring the popular Steinway sound to any size room. Before the Model S was released, you would have to have a lot of space available. The Model S measures in at five feet one inch.

Despite the small size of the Model S piano it manages to put out a tone that is unique as the design. All of the materials in the more than 12,000 parts that make up the piano are chosen to help carry the sound.

The standard finish for the Steinway Model S is a black high polish finish that is standard for their instruments. But because each Steinway piano is handmade, it allows you to request a custom finish from the factory. You can even request other customizations.


Steinway Spirio Model B

Steinway is a manufacturer of fine pianos that almost all pianists know. The Steinway Spirio line made headlines when they were released. The Spirio is their line of player pianos and the Model B is one amazing specimen. The Steinway Spirio Model Bgrand Model B is six feet eleven inches and uses every inch of its size to produce a wonderful sound.

The Spirio series comes with high resolution playback that is powered by a masterpiece of engineering and perfection. You can play music that was performed by the experts through the piano’s system. With the purchase of a Spirio Model B you get an iPad that comes with the controller system that enables the high tech playing features of the Model B. You can also record the keystrokes to playback your own music for education and creation.

A Spirio Model B comes standard in a polished ebony (black) design. You can have it configured with a variety of finishes. The hardware comes standard in a brass color to finish off the perfect design. This piano is perfect for any setting that has the room to fully utilize the sound.


Steinway Spirio Model M

Steinway has been a major contender in the piano world for a while, they have an established foothold with beautiful, powerful pianos of all kinds. The Spirio model of pianos still brought them to the forefront of music news when they Steinway Spirio Model Mwere released. The Spirio line is their amazingly designed series of player pianos.

Using the power of an included iPad you can control the player piano features to replicate some of the biggest masterpieces throughout history. Another feature that comes with the player piano is that you can record your own music. When you record, the piano takes in every keystroke and pedal.

Once your playing has been recorded the piano will be able to play it back for entertainment or educational purposes. The Spirio Model M is a grand piano that sits at five foot seven inches and comes in a polished ebony that will fit in any professional setting.

It is labeled as a studio piano but would also would work in a learning environment or a performance environment. Besides being a player piano, the Model M also brings the rest of the amazing features of the Steinway line of pianos. Quality parts help to bring out a voice in this piano that you will enjoy.


Steinway Upright Pianos


Steinway V 125

Steinway is the short name given to Steinway and Sons, one of the finest producers of grand and upright pianos. They have been producing pianos for over 150 years.

These professionals put a lot of hard work into crafting each piano. Steinway’s V 125 is a wonderful carrier of the name. It produces large sound with a lifetime that will span generations. Many musicians from around the world have chosen it to be their instrument of choice.

Each Steinway V 125 is crafted by hand by the people at Steinway. This not only helps to increase the authenticity but to boost the quality control. Every hand that touches the piano ensures that it functions well before it leaves Steinway.

You can get the V-125 in one of two colors, a mahogany polished or a black polished piano. It features brass finishings and a red trim above the keys. Each key is a masterpiece of craftsmanship.


Steinway K 132

Steinway is one of the longest running producers of quality pianos. Having been designing pianos for over 150 years, they have earned every sale they have made.

Each piano produced by Steinway comes handcrafted from industry leading builders. The Steinway K 132 carries on the quality of the brand name that Steinway has established.

Keys on the Steinway K 132 come balanced to ensure proper tone with each press of the key. Balancing the keys allows for a full spectrum of sounds, no matter how heavy or light the keypress.

The fine wood design allows for the carrying of sound at a loud volume. A K 132 is designed to sit in when a grand piano won’t fit but you need the same, uncompromising sound.

The K-132 from Steinway comes in multiple different colors. Traditional finishes include black, ivory white, and white. You can also find crown jewel coloring in the form of Amber Wood, East Indian Rosewood, Indian Appletree, Kewazinga Bubinga, Macassar Ebony, and Mahogany Pommele.
The bench comes matching the same design as the piano itself. Furnishings for the Steinway line can come in either brass or chrome.