Boston Pianos

Boston pianos are a unique situation. They are officially listed on the Steinway website because they are a piano designed by Steinway. For many people, this is an affordable way to get a masterly designed piano. The prices for a Boston piano are far lower than others.

Steinway does not manufacture the Boston piano though. That job is done by Kawai. They take the designs from Steinway and use their years of piano manufacturing to produce the piano at a lower price than Steinway could. Helping to keep the price of the Steinway down.

While Boston pianos are made and designed by two great companies, the expert pianists do not consider them a replacement for a Steinway piano. Steinway obviously puts more care and work into their higher end pianos. That feel wrong but there is a reason behind this.

You can buy a Boston piano and use it to perform and record for up to ten-years. At any point during that time if you have saved up enough money, you can return your Boston piano to Steinway and the full price of the Boston piano is applied towards the price of a new Steinway. A great way to own one of the best pianos in the industry.

This gives people who are just starting to get into the musical world a way to get a relatively good starting piano. That is actually one of the main reasons that people bay Boston pianos.

Boston Pianos are produced in both grand and upright styles. There is a handful of models for each style. The number of models they have is limited, and this is traditional of sub-brands that companies produce using other manufacturers.

Five different options exist for the grand pianos from Boston. The current options are all from their performance brand. They start at just over five feet in size and go to just over seven.

Four different models of performance uprights also exist. Each one is purpose built and could provide a wonderful addition to your home.

Interested in getting a Boston piano? Make sure that you take the time to read our piano guides to get a feel for each model. You can also see descriptions from other companies. We have made these writeups because buying a piano from any manufacturer is no small purpose, and you need to be informed before you make the decision.

Boston Grand Pianos

Boston Upright Pianos