Boston Pianos

Boston pianos are a unique situation. They are officially listed on the Steinway website because they are a piano designed by Steinway. For many people, this is an affordable way to get a masterly designed piano. The prices for a Boston piano are far lower than others.

Steinway does not manufacture the Boston piano though. That job is done by Kawai. They take the designs from Steinway and use their years of piano manufacturing to produce the piano at a lower price than Steinway could. Helping to keep the price of the Steinway down.

While Boston pianos are made and designed by two great companies, the expert pianists do not consider them a replacement for a Steinway piano. Steinway obviously puts more care and work into their higher end pianos. That may feel wrong but there is a reason behind this.

You can buy a Boston piano and use it to perform and record for up to 10 years. At any point during that time if you have saved up enough money, you can return your Boston piano to Steinway and the full price of the Boston piano is applied towards the price of a new Steinway. A great way to own one of the best pianos in the industry.

This gives people who are just starting to get into the musical world a way to get a relatively great starting piano. That is actually one of the main reasons that people bay Boston pianos.

Boston Pianos are produced in both grand and upright styles. There is a handful of models for each style. The number of models they have is limited, and this is traditional of sub-brands that companies produce using other manufacturers.

Five different options exist for the grand pianos from Boston. The current options are all from their performance brand. They start at just over five feet in size and go to just over seven.
Four different models of performance uprights also exist. Each one is purpose built and could provide a wonderful addition to your home.

Interested in getting a Boston piano? Make sure that you take the time to read our piano guides to get a feel for each model. You can also see descriptions from other companies. We have made these writeups because buying a piano from any manufacturer is no small purpose, and you need to be informed before you make the decision.


Boston Grand Pianos


Boston GP 156 Performance Edition II

Steinway knows how to craft fine pianos, each Boston instrument is crafted by hand, just like the good days. All of the craftspeople at Steinway spend hours learning to work on each piece of the piano. The Boston GP 156 is obviously built with that same attention and care, as a small grand piano, it is able to put on one amazing performance. You would be hard pressed to find a piano that can compete with the Boston GP 156 in the same price range.

The voice of the GP 156 is straight out of Boston and uses the same unique string design that the Boston line is known for. With reduced tension on the strings, the voice sings more than other pianos. Each and every part that goes into the Steinway GP 156 is designed to hold up and perform with the expected quality.

The Sitka Spruce that makes up the GP 156 can be finished in one of two styles: high polish ebony or satin ebony. All of the hardware is polished brass.
You will find the length of the GP 156 to be at just over 5 feet, their smallest grand piano. That doesn’t change the fact that the piano can put on a grand performance.


Boston GP 215 Performance Edition II

Steinway pianos are made by master artisans who spend ages learning to craft pianos. Every Boston piano made by Steinway is crafted by hand. The Boston GP 215 is a mid-size grand piano designed to deliver masterful performances. Any festival or institution will find this instrument to be a welcome addition to performances.

The name comes from the inclusion of everything that makes Boston great. From quality material to ensuring an undeniable sound. You will notice when you play the GP 15 that it sings more than other pianos in the performance grand category.

The strings on the piano have reduced tension, which leads to an unusual but beautiful voice. It also helps the piano to last longer.

You won’t only find that the piano is a work of art but a masterpiece of engineering.
A GP 215 can be bought in one of two finishes, high polish ebony or satin ebony. Either finish will fit in where you desire.

All of the hardware is polished brass to add to the fine design of the instrument. At a length of just over 7 feet, make sure that you have the room to fit this amazing piano.


Boston Upright Pianos


Boston UP 126E

The Boston UP-126E edition is definitely the perfect addition to your home or teaching studio. The piano is 126 cm high, and it comes with many features. Just like all the music instruments Boston UP 126Edesigned by Steinway & Sons, this piano features high standards of musical excellence.

Featuring a duplex scale, the Boston UP piano also comes with reduced string tension. This is beneficial because it means that you can create longer sustain as well as a tapered soundboard.
Above all, reduced string tension ensures that your piano lasts longer. The Boston Up also features other engineering additions, including enhanced braces, bridges and rib placement. These features enhance the piano’s stability as well as its performance.

For those who are going for the stylish look, the Boston UP is the best bet. Its European cabinet style is complemented by the ebony and mahogany finish. It also has the polished and lacquered look, which gives the piano both a professional and stylish look.


Boston UP 132E

The Boston Upright Piano UP-132 E PE is the largest upright piano in the Boston PE range standing with a height of 132 centimetres. The full dimensions are as follows:

Height: 132cm
Width: 154cm
Weight: 302kg
Length: 67cm

This piano is characteristically known for its powerful and full sound that can even match some boston UP 132Egrand pianos. Designed by Steinway & Sons, all Boston uprights offer a high standard of performance and excellence, perfect for expressing your musical talent.

The Boston UP 132 E features a duplex scale, featured in all the famous Steinway & Sons piano design. This duplex scale adds a level of harmony and richness which are unparalleled when compared to similar pianos of its kind.

With less string tension than other pianos, the Boston UP 132 E is able to allow for a larger and more tapered soundboard. This creates a longer sustain and improves the quality in the singing tone as well as the lifetime of the piano.

Other impressive enhancements include the perfect and optimal placement of bridges, braces and ribs that all collectively contribute to the amazing tone and stability of this piano.
The precisely tapered sound boards are crafted from Sitka spruce, one of the most resonant materials available which allows them to vibrate more freely.

The incredibly deigned soundboards mixed with the unique patents and technologies of Steinway & Sons results in truly superior, sustained and powerful tone.

Available in a walnut and mahogany polished finish as opposed to the classic ebonised look, the Boston UP 132 E is a beautiful and very impressive instrument guaranteed to enhance the experience of the player.