Essex EGP-173C Classic Grand

Steinway is a major producer of beautiful pianos designed to put on masterful performances. There are several different lines of Steinway pianos but the Essex line brings their pianos back to the classical design.

The EGP-173C by Essex is a Classic Grand piano and its style has been around for over 110 years.

One of the great things about this classic grand is that it is designed to be more affordable than any similarly performing piano.

Affordable does not mean that you don’t get the same quality that Steinway is known for. Each and every piano is double checked before leaving the factory and seen to with the same care.

A unique feature of this piano line is the larger soundboard placed in the wider than normal tail of the piano. You get a much richer sound from this.

Essex EGP-173C pianos have a beautiful appearance that makes them appear much finer than their price would hint. You can buy the piano in two finishes, high polish ebony and satin ebony.

All of the hardware on the EGP-173C is brass. The rest of the parts are chosen from fine woods and other materials that are worthy of the Steinway name.