Essex EGP-155C Classic Grand

The beautiful appearance of Steinway pianos is well known throughout the musical industry. While their Boston line is made for performances, the Essex line is designed to fit in any home or music school.

These quality finished pianos incorporate all of the different enhancements and developments that Steinway has brought to the industry.

Steinway’s Essex EGP-155C is a classic grand piano but it is also the smallest of pianos in the Essex line.

Most other companies are not able to offer the same quality of piano at the price range that the Essex line falls into. This is due to the time put into developing their building facilities.

The EGP-155C utilizes fine wood and materials in the design. From the Chinese Walnut in the rim to the Maple pinblock, each piece is specifically picked for its purpose.

According to Steinway, no other manufacturer offers a piano of the same quality at the same price point.

You can find the Essex EGP-155C in a variety of finishes. For high polish, you have the option of: ebony, Sapele mahogany, or white. Then satin finishes can be done in either ebony or Sapele mahogany.