Essex Pianos

Essex is another secondary brand from Steinway and sons. Steinway designs the pianos just like with Boston pianos but they aren't the same. Boston pianos are still relatively expensive. Essex changes that.

Unlike Steinway and Boston pianos, Essex pianos are much more affordable. Instead of having these pianos made by Kawai, Pearl River makes the piano. The Essex brand does not have the same human touch that Steinway and Sons pianos receive. Pearl River's factory is located in China and we have also covered their company. Feel free to read that in order to get a better feel for their capabilities.

You can find Essex pianos in the form of both uprights and grand pianos. This is common with fine piano manufacturers. They only produce a small number of models under the Essex brand.

For the grand piano category you can find three different options for pianos: the EGP-173C (a classic grand), the EGP 155C (their smallest classical grand), and the EGP-155F (their smallest grand but a French provincial). With a limited choice, the Essex line of grand pianos is really for someone who either wants a specific piano or wants a great price.

On the other hand, Essex currently makes 11 upright pianos. These include a variety of different styles of pianos, not just a difference in size. Here are some of the styles that you can find:


Classic Studio

Empire Studio

Institutional Studio

Formal French

English Country

Queen Anne



There are more options for classic studio pianos than any other but these are typically the most demanded styles of pianos so it makes sense. It is a bit unusual to see a sub-brand like Essex produce so many of one type of piano.

If you are interested in purchasing an Essex piano make sure that you take a look at our product writeups so that you get an idea of what each piano is like. We also have plenty of writeups on other pianos if you are considering another brand. Making a piano purchase is no small task but we hope to make it just one step easier.

Essex Grand Pianos

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