Boston GP 215 Performance Edition II

Steinway pianos are made by master artisans who spend ages learning to craft pianos. Every Boston piano made by Steinway is crafted by hand.

The Boston GP 215 is a mid-size grand piano designed to deliver masterful performances. Any festival or institution will find this instrument to be a welcome addition to performances.

The name comes from the inclusion of everything that makes Boston great. From quality material to ensuring an undeniable sound. You will notice when you play the GP 15 that it sings more than other pianos in the performance grand category.

The strings on the piano have reduced tension, which leads to an unusual but beautiful voice. It also helps the piano to last longer.

You won’t only find that the piano is a work of art but a masterpiece of engineering.

A GP 215 can be bought in one of two finishes, high polish ebony or satin ebony. Either finish will fit in where you desire.

All of the hardware is polished brass to add to the fine design of the instrument. At a length of just over 7 feet, make sure that you have the room to fit this amazing piano.