Boston GP 156 Performance Edition II

Steinway knows how to craft fine pianos, each Boston instrument is crafted by hand, just like the good days. All of the craftspeople at Steinway spend hours learning to work on each piece of the piano.

The Boston GP 156 is obviously built with that same attention and care, as a small grand piano, it is able to put on one amazing performance.

You would be hard pressed to find a piano that can compete with the Boston GP 156 in the same price range.

The voice of the GP 156 is straight out of Boston and uses the same unique string design that the Boston line is known for. With reduced tension on the strings, the voice sings more than other pianos.

Each and every part that goes into the Steinway GP 156 is designed to hold up and perform with the expected quality.

The Sitka Spruce that makes up the GP 156 can be finished in one of two styles: high polish ebony or satin ebony. All of the hardware is polished brass.

You will find the length of the GP 156 to be at just over 5 feet, their smallest grand piano. That doesn’t change the fact that the piano can put on a grand performance.