Steinway Spirio Model M

Steinway has been a major contender in the piano world for a while, they have an established foothold with beautiful, powerful pianos of all kinds.

The Spirio model of pianos still brought them to the forefront of music news when they were released. The Spirio line is their amazingly designed series of player pianos.

Steinway Spirio Model M

Using the power of an included iPad you can control the player piano features to replicate some of the biggest masterpieces throughout history.

Another feature that comes with the player piano is that you can record your own music. When you record, the piano takes in every keystroke and pedal.

Once your playing has been recorded the piano will be able to play it back for entertainment or educational purposes.

The Spirio Model M is a grand piano that sits at five foot seven inches and comes in a polished ebony that will fit in any professional setting.

It is labeled as a studio piano but would also would work in a learning environment or a performance environment.

Besides being a player piano, the Model M also brings the rest of the amazing features of the Steinway line of pianos. Quality parts help to bring out a voice in this piano that you will enjoy.