Steinway Spirio Model B

Steinway is a manufacturer of fine pianos that almost all pianists know. The Steinway Spirio line made headlines when they were released.

The Spirio is there line of player pianos and the Model B is one amazing specimen. The grand Model B is six feet eleven inches and uses every inch of its size to produce a wonderful sound.

Steinway Spirio Model B

The Spirio series comes with high resolution playback that is powered by a masterpiece of engineering and perfection. You can play music that was performed by the experts through the piano’s system.

With the purchase of a Spirio Model B you get an iPad that comes with the controller system that enables the high tech playing features of the Model B.

You can also record the keystrokes to playback your own music for education and creation.

A Spirio Model B comes standard in a polished ebony (black) design. You can have it configured with a variety of finishes. The hardware comes standard in a brass color to finish off the perfect design. This piano is perfect for any setting that has the room to fully utilize the sound.