Steinway Model S

Years have seen Steinway producing some of the finest pianos in the world. Their dedication to traditional piano making is part of what has kept their business so popular.

Each and every Steinway piano is handcrafted by real people. This results in each piano being unique, and Steinway likes to view this as each piano being as unique as the person who plays it.

Steinway’s Model S is a city grand piano and is the smallest of the grand pianos that they make. It was originally released in the 1930’s to bring the popular Steinway sound to any size room.

Before the Model S was released, you would have to have a lot of space available. The Model S measures in at five feet one inch.

Despite the small size of the Model S piano it manages to put out a tone that is unique as the design. All of the materials in the more than 12,000 parts that make up the piano are chosen to help carry the sound.

The standard finish for the Steinway Model S is a black high polish finish that is standard for their instruments. But because each Steinway piano is handmade, it allows you to request a custom finish from the factory. You can even request other customizations.