Steinway Model O

Steinway and Sons is a major manufacturer of finely crafted pianos. Their main focus is on upright and grand pianos.

One of the reasons they are so popular is that to Steinway employees, each piano they craft is a work of art. All of their pianos are still handcrafted.

By handcrafting their pianos, each instrument has its own unique voice. One that is just as unique as the musician who plays on it.

The Model O is a small grand piano produced by Steinway and is labeled the living room grand.

While it is a small piano, its five foot ten inch size make it large for a small piano. In fact, it is the largest small grand that Steinway makes.

By keeping the Model O a small piano it can fit in almost any space while still providing that same grand sound.

All of the materials that are used to craft this fine instrument are from the best out there. For example, fine European spruce has been sourced from the best lumber yards for multiple parts of the piano. Maple and heavy, solid brass have also been used throughout the piano.