Steinway Model M

Steinway and Sons is a well-known piano manufacturer that has been producing high-quality instruments for years. The pianos crafted by Steinway are hand made with quality.

All of the artisans who work on the pianos are highly trained and take great care in making each piano unique. Steinway says that their pianos are as unique as the people that play them.

There are a lot of pianos made by Steinway but the Model M stands out as a smaller option for those who wish to have a piano for most size rooms, including the smaller rooms.

It has a rich voice that is made even better by the responsiveness of the keys. The noise it makes will fill up a room, even with its small size.

You can also get the Model M as a Steinway Spirio piano which is a player piano with high resolution technology built in. All of the Spirio features are controlled by an iPad. While just an option, the Spirio feature is a wonderful addition to an amazing piano.

The standard finish for the Steinway Model M is a high gloss black and it comes with brass hardware. Because each Steinway is made by hand, you can request custom finishes to help make the piano fit in anywhere you want it.