Steinway Model B

Steinway has produced pianos for years and they are one of the most well-known companies in the industry. Their instruments are some of the most high-quality pianos on the market.

This comes from the fact that each artisan that creates these pieces of art is highly trained. It also comes from the fact that their pianos are still created by hand. As Steinway says, this creates pianos that are as unique as those who play them.

The Model B by Steinway is on the larger side of the medium-sized classic grand pianos. Many consider it the perfect piano. It is designed for mid-sized venues and puts out the sound to perform. It can also find a home in refined houses and teaching venues.

The Model B is available with the option to have Spirio installed. Spirio is a player piano feature developed by Steinway to help pianists further enjoy their instrument.

Whether it is playing a classic or recording a song that you are writing, the Spirio system is capable of doing it. The system is all controlled with an iPad.

Like with the other Steinway Pianos, the Model B comes standard with a high gloss black finish. Due to the fact that the pianos are handmade, you can request a custom finish to help the piano fit anywhere.