Steinway Model A

Steinway has a long tradition of building pianos that are a piece of art. Each piano they craft is crafted with love by real humans, not machines.

By making pianos by hand they are keeping tradition alive but also ensuring a line of quality throughout their models. It also makes each piano unique, as Steinway likes to say, they are as unique as the people who play them.

The Model A by Steinway is a salon grand piano that sits on the upper edge of the medium size range for such instruments. At six feet two inches it is a good mix of sound and size.

Even though it is not the largest of pianos, the spruce soundboard that is inside helps it to resonate with a great voice that represents the hand made nature of the Steinway brand well.

Because the Model A, and all other Steinway instruments are crafted by hand, there is a limited availability every year. That limited availability allows you to speak with Steinway and request customizations to the piano.

The standard finish is a black high gloss finish and the hardware is brass in color. If you want to request a custom finish, you can do so by contacting Steinway.