Schimmel K175

Schimmel is a German piano company that has been manufacturing pianos for years.

They believe that pianos are crafted by finding the perfect harmony with engineering, components, and manufacturing.

The company and the employees alike pride themselves in the pianos that they craft.

The Schimmel K175 is a great example of the rich history of the Schimmel pianos. It is a concert grand piano that has a finely tuned voice that can be played to the sharpest detail.

The voice will sing in many performance areas with a size of five and a half feet. An enlarged soundboard helps to make this voice possible.

Schimmel claims that the K175 is the most played German piano. It is also the most highly awarded piano that Schimmel produces. The medium size helps to make it great for most solutions but the voice is what solidifies this.

You can find the Schimmel K175 standard in several different finishes: ebony high gloss, white high gloss, and mahogany high gloss. There are a limited number of the K175 produced every year because of the care put into producing each piano.