Schimmel Pianos

The slogan for Schimmel Piano is “your keys to happiness” and their brand represents that. A line of pianos that makes consumers around the world happy. These high-quality German pianos have been inspiring instrumentalists for years.

In a small workshop in Leipzig, Germany a man named Wilhelm Schimmel created the first Schimmel pianos. Two things went into the creation of that piano, Wilhelm’s idea that quality was above all else and workmanship was crucial. Who knew that with that one piano in 1885, that a line of finely crafted instruments would be born.

Along with Wilhelm, his brother Fridolin Schimmel, started the company Schimmel Piano. The two brothers were eager to build and sell pianos. Despite the era seeing many other budding piano craftsman, they had a keen desire to succeed.

The company upholds Wilhelm’s idea that quality pianos should be affordable to all young pianists who are looking to emerge into the musical world.

Currently there are 6 different lines of pianos being manufactured. Each line is designed for a different purpose. The idea of purpose suited lines of pianos makes it easier to find the right Schimmel piano for your needs.

The Konzert line of pianos is their line of performance quality pianos that are designed specifically to play in large areas. Their sound carries and each piano has a voice that you would expect of such a piano.

Classical pianos include instruments made with the same workmanship that went into the original crafting of their pianos. These pianos include a mix of upright and grand pianos for all levels of musicians.

A line of pianos was specifically designed to give tribute to Wilhelm Schimmel. These are the Wilhelm line of pianos. Each individual piano has hours of crafting that go into the creation. Even more so than the classical line of pianos.

For Wilhelm’s brother there is the Fridolin line, designed to help people learn to play instruments. These pianos are extremely affordable but maintain a high level of crafting. These pianos are also easy to learn on.

Schimmel Meisterstucke pianos take into mind both the musical quality of the piano and visual quality of the piano. All of these pianos have unique flair to them. The art collection has the same idea behind it.

Those looking to get a Schimmel piano should make sure that they take a look at our piano guides. Each one goes over the details of specific products. You will have a better idea of which piano meets your needs.

Schimmel Grand Pianos


Schimmel K175

Schimmel is a German piano company that has been manufacturing pianos for years.

They believe that pianos are crafted by finding the perfect harmony with engineering, components, and manufacturing.The company and the employees alike pride themselves in the pianos that they craft.The Schimmel K175 is a great example of the rich history of the Schimmel pianos. It is a concert grand piano that has a finely tuned voice that can be played to the sharpest detail.The voice will sing in many performance areas with a size of five and a half feet. An enlarged soundboard helps to make this voice possible.Schimmel claims that the K175 is the most played German piano. It is also the most highly awarded piano that Schimmel produces. The medium size helps to make it great for most solutions but the voice is what solidifies this.You can find the Schimmel K175 standard in several different finishes: ebony high gloss, white high gloss, and mahogany high gloss. There are a limited number of the K175 produced every year because of the care put into producing each piano.

Schimmel K280

There are a lot of piano manufacturers around the world but very few companies take as much pride in their instruments as Schimmel.

Schimmel is a German piano manufacturer that blends engineering, materials, and manufacturing in harmony to create some of the best pianos.Owners of the Schimmel K280 pianos find them to be very vocal and the pianos have won many awards.The Schimmel brand is the most played German piano in the world.Schimmel’s K280 piano is a large concert grand piano. It measures nine feet one inch and has a voice to go with the size.A larger than normal soundboard helps to breath life into any room. All of the materials that are used for the K280 are picked because they are the best of the best.Like with many of the Schimmel pianos, the K280 has won awards for its quality and sound.Schimmel produces the K280 with an ebony high gloss finish. This is the standard option for finish but because each K280 piano is crafted with care and crafted individually, it is possible to talk to Schimmel and request a custom finish.The same care in crafting means that a limited number of the K280 pianos are produced each year, so supplies are limited.

Schimmel Upright Pianos


Schimmel K122

Schimmel provides musicians around the world with a large variety of pianos. Just about any kind of upright piano you want from introductory pianos to Schimmel K122Koncert pianos. The Schimmel K122 is from their line of Koncert pianos. It is a wonderful piano that delivers quality music from its 4 foot tall body. While the piano is not listed on the Schimmel website anymore, it is still available from sellers around the world.

People turn to the Schimmel K122 because, despite the smaller size, it is very rich in tone with amazing balance.It features high quality internal parts that provide just the right sound. This piano is meant for smaller concert halls but can perform equal to many models that are larger.

You can commonly find the Schimmel K122 available in ebony high gloss or white high gloss. This provides you with a light and dark option for any concert hall or performance room. It is designed to blend in and provide the appearance of a professional piano.

Schimmel K132

Schimmel Pianos is a major producer of fine German pianos and you can get just about any kind of piano you need from them. From teaching pianos to grand pianos, they have it all.

The Konzert K132 is a traditional upright concert piano that is designed to produce vibrant sound in a variety of scenes.Schimmel K132The design is meant to merge traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation to last for generations of players.The grand Schimmel K132 has an enlarged, wood soundboard that is designed specifically for the Schimmel line of pianos, no manufacturer makes a soundboard quite the same way.It also features a Triplex scale to help produce vibrant sounds. As a highly awarded piano, the Schimmel K132 is one of their best sellers.There are two different finish options for the K132. You can get ebony high gloss and mahogany high gloss finishes. All of the fixtures on the piano are brass.Each key top is made from ebony wood and mineral materials for perfect appearance and playability. It is important to note that the K132 is a full size grand piano sitting in at nearly 5 feet tall.