Samick SIG 50

Samick is a global music company that has been producing pianos for over 50 years. They produce some of the finest musical instruments, whether they be guitars or pianos.

Their products are sold all around the world and many of them are produced every year. The Samick SIG 50 is just one of their many fine pianos.

The Samick SIG 50 is a small traditional grand piano that is four feet eleven inches.

It is designed to be able to fit into any area and it contains some of the best sound producing technology from a spruce soundboard to a laminate maple pin block.

All of the rest of the parts come from the highest quality materials.

You can purchase the piano in a variety of finishes: ebony high polish, mahogany high polish, walnut high polish, and ebony satin. A nickel trim is available.

All of the hardware that comes on the SIG 50 is nickel in color. The appearance of the SIG 50 makes it perfect for any location, the size will make it fit in any location.