Samick Pianos

Samick is a younger piano company than some of the ones that you will find on our directory. They were founded in 1958 and quickly became one of the world’s largest piano manufacturers. They focus on creating their mainly pianos to help boost their name and to create the perfect instrument. Samick has also has made several guitars.

Since its foundation the company has done nothing but expand. In 1992, Samick built another factory in Indonesia. In 2007 the construction of a new corporate headquarters was completed in Tennessee. So far the company shows no sign of ceasing their growth. They are ambitious and have built up the reputation to back that ambition.

The company creates pianos under several different names, Samick being the primary name. The others are Wm. Knabe & Co., Pramberger, Kohler & Campbell, and Seiler. Two of their other brands have built guitars, but they have been mostly separated from the Samick company as a whole. Many don’t even know of the connection. Their most popular guitar line is the Greg Bennett guitars.

For a brief period in the early 2000’s Samick associated themselves with C Bechstein, one of the other brands we have talked about on one of our other brand descriptions. That ended in 2009. Throughout the years they have tried many other joint ventures which have contributed to the relatively new company’s success.

As of today, Samick has a focus on their grand pianos and vertical pianos. They have used the name vertical piano for their uprights instead of sticking with the much used industry term of upright piano.

They offer seven different grand piano options. Each one is designed for a different purpose and has slightly different features. You can find most of their pianos in either a black finish or a brown finish.

Samick’s line of vertical pianos includes nine different options. These range from basic to more feature filled. They also range in size from studio to performance.

Now that you know something about Samick as a company, make sure that you take a look at our product descriptions for the various Samick pianos that are out there. We have researched the various pianos in order to give you an idea of what to expect from each line.

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