Roland RD 64

As a leader in the electronic musical instrument world, Roland’s name is pretty well known around the musician community. It is synonymous with both quality and creativity.

Musicians pick the Roland name to know that they have a piece of art to perform their art with. Over 40 years of operation have been put into these pianos. The Roland RD 64 is a great example of the quality you should expect.

While the average person might look at the RD 64 and see just another keyboard any expert can tell you that it packs quite the punch and the options that any pianist needs. The design provides the power of a grand piano in a size that can fit anywhere, from an apartment to a studio, or even a performance venue.

Onboard is the SuperNATURAL sound engine from Roland, a system that allows the piano to create perfect acoustic piano tones. You can also play a variety of other voices with the piano to make full use of the responsive keys and amazing design.

Roland has also designed the Roland RD 64 to be capable of producing music with an iPad. You can connect the RD 64 to an iPad with the Apple Camera Connection Kit and use any number of apps to record and edit music on your tablet.