Roland RD-2000

For over 40 years Roland had been producing instruments for all levels of musicians. From first time players to professional performers.

People around the world use their products and love them. The Roland line of keyboards is especially popular. The Roland RD 2000 is among those popular keyboards.

Performing on stage is made wonderful with the Roland RD 2000. It is capable of delivering advanced, next-generation sound.

The whole piano is designed around performing on stage. Connections for every kind of performance equipment that you might need.

Sound is important when it comes to putting on a good performance. Roland has kept that in mind with the RD 2000.

It features two independent sound engines: a V-Piano engine and a SuperNATURAL engine. The onboard sounds are not limiting with the Roland RD 2000, you can customize sounds and change them on the go, in real time.

All of the features of the Roland RD 2000 may make it seem complicated, but Roland has ensured that they keep their piano easy to control. They wanted an intuitive piano. That is what you, the customer wants too, and that is why they designed it.