Roland FP-30

When it comes to crafting musical instruments, Roland has over 40 years of experience. Their instruments include: keyboards, synthesizers, electric drums, percussion drums, and guitar products.

They also produce recording equipment. All of this manufacturing helps them to develop new and powerful instruments.

Roland’s FP 30 keyboard is one example of their powerful instruments. The Roland FP 30 is a small form keyboard designed to fit in any space.

Roland wanted to offer everyone an amazing sounding piano whether they had the space for it or could afford it. The FP 30 is an 88 key piano with both an amazing sound and amazing feel.

The Roland FP 30 features stereo speakers and an amplifier that allows you to experience the sound you desire from the piano. It performs well in any environment from a house to a studio.

Bluetooth is built into the Roland FP 30 so you can connect to a smartphone or tablet. When the keyboard connects to your smartphone or tablet, it has the ability to connect to a variety of apps, including the popular GarageBand. You can also connect a USB drive to store songs that you record on the piano.