Petrof P 210 Pasat

Petrof is a piano company based out of Europe that does a lot of business in grand and upright pianos. They have business in five continents and many countries on each of those continents.

The business is named after its founder Antonin Petrof who started the company. Since then they have produced more than half a million instruments.

The P210 is a Pasat grand piano designed by Petrof to fit in even the smallest of spaces. Whether it is a small performance area, a practice studio, or even your home, it is meant to fit there.

The width is just an inch over five feet and length wise it is six feet ten inches.

Despite the small size of the P 210 Pasat is still capable of filling an area with a magnificent sound. Petrof calls the voice of the piano a singing tone.

The standard finish for the Petrof P 210 is a high polish black. As for the furniture, it is brass in color. The Petrof website notes that you can get the P 210 Pasat in other finishes when you custom order the piano.