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The founder of Petrof Piano learned how to build pianos in Vienna from huge names in the industry such as Heitzman and Schweighofer. In 1864, Antonin Petrof founded Petrof Piano by constructing the company’s first grand piano. His first workshop was his fathers and it was located in Old Town behind Svaty Duch. He had to convert the workshop in order for it to become a place to build pianos. He did it though.

From there with only a few interruptions, Petrof Piano continued to grow. Eventually the company also started to produce keyboards and harmoniums. Both of these new instruments allowed the company to grow. With that growth came a subsidiary Temesvar.

Now Petrof mainly focuses on grand pianos and upright pianos. The Petrof brand is features many of the classic style pianos from both the grand and upright categories. Almost all of the manufacturing of these pianos is performed by hand.

Ant. Petrof is another brand under the Petrof name that is a newer line of pianos created with one thing in mind. The Ant. Petrof pianos were designed to be a tribute to the company’s founder, Antonin Petrof. Each piano is crafted by the most experienced hands in the company.

There are two things that make Petrof pianos so good. One of the factors is the human aspect of the creation process. A human hand makes all of the difference when it comes to the crafting of any instruments. That is what separates master pianos made by top masters from mass produced instruments.

Another key factor in the company's success is that it has been owned by family members for almost its whole history with only a few exceptions. Two sisters are currently the fifth generation of Petrof descendants to own and lead the company.

When it comes to grand pianos you have the option of one of four lines of products:


Master Series

Standard Series

Style Collection

Special Collection


Each line is tied to the name of the series. The master series pianos and special collection are two of the top line pianos. Standard series pianos are as basic as a traditional brand piano company can get while the style collection incorporates extra beauty into each piano.

Upright pianos from Petrof come in five different lines to meet the needs of various consumers.


Highest Series

Higher Series

Middle Series

Style Collection

Special Collection


The first three lines of pianos are exactly what their names imply, the middle through the top of the line in their upright pianos. The style and special collections are the same premise as their grand pianos.

If you are thinking of buying a Petrof piano then you need to take a look at our various guides on the different Petrof products out there. This will help you to get an idea of what line of piano you want to buy from Petra. Also feel free to look at some of our other piano guides.

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