Petrof Pianos

The founder of Petrof Piano learned how to build pianos in Vienna from huge names in the industry such as Heitzman and Schweighofer. In 1864, Antonin Petrof founded Petrof Piano by constructing the company’s first grand piano. His first workshop was his fathers and it was located in Old Town behind Svaty Duch. He had to convert the workshop in order for it to become a place to build pianos. He did it though.

From there with only a few interruptions, Petrof Piano continued to grow. Eventually the company also started to produce keyboards and harmoniums. Both of these new instruments allowed the company to grow. With that growth came a subsidiary Temesvar.

Now Petrof mainly focuses on grands and upright pianos. The Petrof brand is features many of the classic style pianos from both the grand and upright categories. Almost all of the manufacturing of these pianos is performed by hand.

Ant. Petrof is another brand under the Petrof name that is a newer line of pianos created with one thing in mind. The Ant. Petrof pianos were designed to be a tribute to the company’s founder, Antonin Petrof. Each piano is crafted by the most experienced hands in the company.

There are two things that make Petrof pianos so good. One of the factors is the human aspect of the creation process. A human hand makes all of the difference when it comes to the crafting of any instruments. That is what separates master pianos made by top masters from mass produced instruments.

Another key factor in the company’s success is that it has been owned by family members for almost its whole history with only a few exceptions. Two sisters are currently the fifth generation of Petrof descendants to own and lead the company.

When it comes to grand pianos you have the option of one of four lines of products:

  1. Master Series
  2. Standard Series
  3. Style Collection
  4. Special Collection

Each line is tied to the name of the series. The master series pianos and special collection are two of the top line pianos. Standard series pianos are as basic as a traditional brand piano company can get while the style collection incorporates extra beauty into each piano.

Upright pianos from Petrof come in five different lines to meet the needs of various consumers:

  1. Highest Series
  2. Higher Series
  3. Middle Series
  4. Style Collection
  5. Special Collection


The first three lines of pianos are exactly what their names imply, the middle through the top of the line in their upright pianos. The style and special collections are the same premise as their grand pianos.

If you are thinking of buying a Petrof piano then you need to take a look at our various guides on the different Petrof products out there. This will help you to get an idea of what line of piano you want to buy from Petra. Also feel free to look at some of our other piano guides.

Petrof Grand Pianos


Petrof P 210 Pasat

Petrof is a piano company based out of Europe that does a lot of business in grand and upright pianos. They have business in five continents and many countries on each of those continents.

The business is named after its founder Antonin Petrof who started the company. Since then they have produced more than half a million instruments.

The P210 is a Pasat grand piano designed by Petrof to fit in even the smallest of spaces. Whether it is a small performance area, a practice studio, or even your home, it is meant to fit there.

The width is just an inch over five feet and length wise it is six feet ten inches.
Despite the small size of the P 210 Pasat is still capable of filling an area with a magnificent sound. Petrof calls the voice of the piano a singing tone.

The standard finish for the Petrof P 210 is a high polish black. As for the furniture, it is brass in color. The Petrof website notes that you can get the P 210 Pasat in other finishes when you custom order the piano.


Petrof P 284 Mistral

For over 150 years, Petrof has been developing high quality upright and grand pianos. They are now one of the largest piano companies in all of Europe and serve over five continents. That includes over 60 countries.

Antonin Petrof started the company and since then, the company has produced over half a million pianos.

Petrof’s P 284 Mistral is a Mistral concert grand piano. The wonderfully sounding piano is their largest instrument that Petrof crafts.
It has a powerful bass and even a resonant treble to compliment it. The piano sits at a length of nine feet four inches, making it one of the largest grand pianos in the world.

The large size of the Petrof P 284 Mistral is capable of filling up the largest of performance halls. During the development of the piano, Petrof ensured that it echoed the same romantic voice that all of the Petrof pianos are known for.

You can find the Petrof P 284 available in a high polish black finish standard. Their website notes that they have other finishes available upon custom order. All of the furniture on the Petrof is brass in color and compliments the design well.


Petrof Upright Pianos


Petrof P 125 K1

Petrof is a Czech company that is known for crafting both fine upright pianos and grand pianos. The P 125 K1 was announced in 2016 and since then has spread to many different applications.
Petrof P 125 K1From concert halls to music education, this upright piano has proven to perform beyond expectations. The best concert match for the P 125 K1 is chamber orchestra.

When the piano was first announced it sold out and it took a while to be able to acquire one. Now they are in stock and ready for purchase.

A soundboard crafted from resonance spruce would helps to give the Petrof P 125 K1 the beautiful sound that it exhibits. Each material and design method was picked to aid this sound board from beech plywood being used for the pin block to the German steel and copper wire that is used for the strings.

You can find the Petrof P 125 K1 standard in a black with a high polish finish (color code 0801). However, if you would like to custom order another finish, Petrof has accommodated this in the past. Colors and finishes can be found for any style of room.


Petrof P 135 K1

The Petrof P 135 K1 is the largest in the Petrof line of pianos. Like with many of the other Petrof pianos, they drew their inspiration from the past in order to craft a piano that sounds perfect, looks presentable, and lasts.
Petrof P 135 K1Petrof’s P 135 K1 piano is great for professionals because of its sound but the design also lends itself to working in music school. Orchestras of all kinds will benefit from the colorful tone of the P 135.

Resonance spruce wood was used for the sound board to help carry the sound through the piano. Spruce wood and beech is used elsewhere throughout the piano to assist the sound to carry.

The P 135 K1 stands at over 53 inches tall, nearly 5 feet. This height helps make the sound more rich and louder.

One color is available for the Petrof P 135 K1, a black color with a high polish finish. If you need a different finish, you can request that at the time you order. It would be best to contact customer service before you make the order. However, the black with high polish finish fits in almost any orchestra hall or classroom.