Pearl River GP150

Not long over 50 years ago, Pearl River started making pianos in China. Their company went from small time production to being one of the largest piano manufacturers in the world.

Now they build quality pianos that are used in all environments. Over 125,000 pianos are crafted each year by the company but that hasn’t hindered them from producing quality instruments.

The GP150 is a classic baby grand piano produced by Pearl River. It is among the best selling baby grand pianos in North America and has been since the 1990’s.

The tail of the piano is expanded to help give a little extra room in the area that produces bass tone. You will notice a fairly unique voice from this piano that is similar to that of many larger models.

A full sustenueto middle peddle comes standard on the GP150.

Seven different finishes are available for the Pearl River GP150. The options include: mahogany polish Sapele, artisan walnut, mahogany polish, white polish, ebony satin, ebony polish, and walnut polish.

The hardware from the casters to the peddles is solid brass. Each color is designed to appear magnificent with the body of the piano.