Pearl River GP 275

Pearl River is a Chinese brand that has been around for over 50 years. In that small amount of time they have moved from being a fledgling company to one of the largest producers of pianos in the world.

They make more than 125,000 pianos every year. That being said, they remember their roots and have kept quality close at hand.

The GP275 from Pearl River is a concert grand piano that the company considers to be a culmination of all of the work they have done over the years. Designed to fill a concert-hall, the GP275 has seen use around the world as a performance piano.

A wide variety of quality materials go into the production of each Pearl River GP275. The keybed and beams are made from spruce, while the pinblock and bridges are made from maple. That is just a small sample of the materials used to build this piano.

Pearl River prides themselves in spending the time to pick out each material for each piece for every piano they make. Resulting in the highest quality designs.

You can buy a Pearl River GP275 in ebony polish from Pearl River. The hardware on the piano is brass. Together the ebony polish and brass create a classical appearance.