Pearl River Pianos

Pearl River is a Chinese piano company that claims to have the title of largest piano factory in the world. Unlike some of the pianos we mention on our website, these pianos are mass produced. Currently Pearl River Piano manufacturers somewhere around 100,000 pianos every year. That being said, they do have higher end pianos available.

Founded in 1956 in China, the company has come a long way. They now export pianos to over 100 countries and employ over 4,000 workers. One of the things that sets Pearl River aside from other large scale manufacturers of pianos is the fact that they still put a lot of care into their pianos. As much as possible, the company uses high quality wood in all of their pianos. That means seasoned hardwood.

To help ensure quality pianos, Pearl River has worked their manufacturing process down to a tee so that they know what to expect from each piano. Unlike their competition, they continued to revolutionize their processes until they ended up with a quality that they liked. To help with this, they have brought in piano consultants from around the world to streamline production while still maintaining quality.

Currently, Pearl River produces both grand and upright pianos for markets around the world. That includes six grand piano options. Each one is designed for a different atmosphere and volume. The options range from small to large so that you can get a piano that meets your size requirements as well as your playing requirements.

As for the uprights, Pearl River has twelve different models currently available. Those twelve models vary greatly but all have a classical upright piano appearance that helps to maintain the wonderful aesthetics that Pearl River is known for.

Considering buying a Pearl River piano? Don’t do that before you read our piano descriptions. We have created piano descriptions for various Pearl River models so that you know what kind of piano you are buying before you make the plunge. Making the right choice with a piano purchase is essential.


Pearl River Grand Pianos


Pearl River GP150

Not long over 50 years ago, Pearl River started making pianos in China. Their company went from small time production to being one of the largest piano manufacturers in the world.Now they build quality pianos that are used in all environments. Over 125,000 pianos are crafted each year by the company but that hasn’t hindered them from producing quality instruments.
The GP150 is a classic baby grand piano produced by Pearl River. It is among the best selling baby grand pianos in North America and has been since the 1990’s.The tail of the piano is expanded to help give a little extra room in the area that produces bass tone. You will notice a fairly unique voice from this piano that is similar to that of many larger models.A full sustenueto middle peddle comes standard on the GP150.Seven different finishes are available for the Pearl River GP150. The options include: mahogany polish Sapele, artisan walnut, mahogany polish, white polish, ebony satin, ebony polish, and walnut polish.The hardware from the casters to the peddles is solid brass. Each color is designed to appear magnificent with the body of the piano. 

Pearl River GP 275

The GP275 from Pearl River is a concert grand piano that the company considers to be a culmination of all of the work they have done over the years. Designed to fill a concert-hall, the GP275 has seen use around the world as a performance piano.

A wide variety of quality materials go into the production of each Pearl River GP275. The keybed and beams are made from spruce, while the pinblock and bridges are made from maple. That is just a small sample of the materials used to build this piano.

Pearl River prides themselves in spending the time to pick out each material for each piece for every piano they make. Resulting in the highest quality designs.

You can buy a Pearl River GP275 in ebony polish from Pearl River. The hardware on the piano is brass. Together the ebony polish and brass create a classical appearance.


Pearl River Upright Pianos

Pearl River UP115E

Pearl River is a respected manufacturer of pianos and the UP115E piano is no exception to that. This model is an institutional piano that is designed to help teachers educate students in the world of music.Music is an important part of every culture and having devices that are designed to enable education in music help to continue providing music for years to come.Pearl River UP115EThis model was designed after the Baldwin Hamilton Studio style piano. The classic appearance of this instrument helps it to fit in any studio or classroom. Pearl River’s UP115E comes packed with features and has great ratings amongst users.The UP115E comes with direct blow hammers and an aluminum action rail. All of the hardware is solid brass to add to the appearance of the piano. With a lock on the lid, you can prevent unauthorized access to the piano if it is in an open part of your school or building.The full length sheet rack for holding your music allows for both instructor and student to have a copy of the music in front of them if they are sitting side by side.Two different color options exist for the UP115E, you can get it in Ebony Satin or Mahogany Satin. Both colors are a wonderful wood design that will leave you impressed.

Pearl River EU131

If you need a concert piano you can turn to the EU131, a 52 inch upright piano that possess both beautiful craftsmanship and an amazing design.

The EU131 has become the flagship piano for Pearl River vertical piano line. Longer strings than some grand pianos and the top notch material have contributed to that.

Pearl River EU131

The Pearl River EU131 is full of features at a reasonable price. A direct blow action compliments t stapled German felt hammers.

Each key is produced from straight grained spruce which is inspected for imperfections before it is used for production.

The piano comes backed with a 10 year part and labor warrant to help back the power that Pearl River has fit into the device.

Ebony Polish is the only color that the Pearl River EU131 is available in. That isn’t a problem for most musicians though as the ebony color presents amazingly in just about any concert hall or theatre.

The amazing audio quality of the music played through this piano helps it to fit wherever you need a concert sized piano.