Nord Stage 2 EX

Nord is a Swedish keyboard and piano manufacturer that has been creating wonderful instruments for years.

While, there about us section does not provide visitors with that much information, we do know that all of their pianos are handmade to help give the instruments wonderful sound.

The Nord Stage 2 EX is a complex stage piano that allows you to fine tune your sound to your specific performance.

It has the ability to sound like an electric or acoustic piano depending on your performance. You can also use it as a synth or organ. On top of your standard sound, you can add effects.

While the Nord Stage 2 EX might look complicated from the first viewing of the piano, it is incredibly straight forward.

All of the buttons and features are laid out in sections so that you can find specifically what you are looking for.

You can purchase the Stage 2 EX in one of three models. A standard 88 key piano is the most popular model.

There is also the HP76 which is a 76 key model. Lastly, there is a compact version that has 73 keys and makes it easier to transport.