Hohner Clavinet D6

Hohner was a piano company that used to create portable pianos. Their instruments were considered to be some of the best quality instruments at the time.

Especially, for portable instruments. They had a number of models produced before they stopped producing instruments.

Hohner’s Clavinet D6 was a remarkable model that people enjoyed greatly. The most popular use for the piano was for pop and rock music.

Originally, the piano was intended for classical and folk music in Europe.

Sound produced by the D6 was wonderful. It had a case design with black vinyl leathercloth. At the top of the instrument it was covered with satin timber veneer.

Just because Hohner isn’t in business anymore, many people have either original Clavinet D6 or a restored model.

You will enjoy the classical sound of the instrument but in many cases, the cost of the piano has gone up from the original price. Especially if you want a piano in good condition.