Fender Rhodes Mark 1

Fender Rhodes was a crafter of fine analogue pianos for 20 years. They have created an interesting collection of instruments.

While they no longer produce pianos, their instruments are sought after around the world for their quality and sound.

For many people, their favorite Fender Rhodes piano is still the classic. The Fender Rhodes Mark I was one of the first well known pianos that they made, starting in 1969.

This piano was designed after the previous models the company had built started to show enough promise for them to justify expanding their product line.

The Mark I had a very interesting design and was considered to be a suitcase piano. It is a keyboard that has several different options for configuration. Including the ability to have a connected amplifier.

If you are interested in hearing the sound of the Mark I, you can find a sample clip on the Fender Rhodes website.

You can find Fender Rhodes pianos used around the internet. Without an operational factory, they haven’t put out a new piano for years.

Due to their demand, very few people have allowed their pianos to go to waste and instead have sold them when they don’t use them anymore.