Edelweiss The Flügel G75

Edelweiss is a crafter of fine pianos with the twist that all of their pianos are self-playing.

The company is also known for the ability to customize their pianos on their website or by phone so that you can get the perfect match for any location.

edelweiss FLÜGEL G75

Edelweiss’s Flugel G75 is a grand piano with a full bass and an amazing tone. It is one of their large pianos, measuring in at six feet three inches.

Classified as a boudoir grand piano the Flugel G75 uses a solid spruce Strunz soundboard to help produce its wonderful sound and the Abel hammers contribute to the stunning magnificence of this large piano.

The self-playing features are wirelessly controlled by an iPod or iPhone, allowing you to play music whether or not your have a musician behind the piano.

Chrome hardware accents the eye-catching design of the Flugel G75 grand piano, which is available in a variety of finishes.

The adjustable stool that comes with the piano manages to maintain the classy appearance of the piano and the 5 year warranty helps to make every customer feel comfortable behind the keys.