Edelweiss The Sygnet G50

Edelweiss is a traditional maker of pianos that has a wide range of options to choose from. They are also well known for their Build Your Edelweiss option and their self-playing piano features.

The Sygnet G50 is a unique model they offer. It is the smallest grand piano in the world.

edelweiss THE SYGNET G50

No matter where you want to fit it, you can probably find a way to get it there. People have fit it in apartments, restaurants, and even on yachts.

The piano features a height of four feet two inches, quite small. It has wireless iPod control that allows the piano to play itself when you don’t have a musician but still want to provide an atmosphere for entertaining.

Whether there is a musician behind the piano or it is playing itself, the solid spruce Strunz soundboard will help to bring out the true sound of music.

For the Sygnet G50 you can find beautiful chrome hardware that adds an extra touch of class to this already wonderful design.

Multiple different finishes can be selected for the Sygnet G50. The top has a middle hinge allowing for a lower clearance area.