Edelweiss The Klavier U46

Edelweiss is a major manufacturer of self-playing pianos and has a huge line of designs available. For over 40 years they have been working to craft the perfect pianos.

Their pianos are designed in Cambridge, England by masters who truly understand the art of making pianos.

edelweiss THE KLAVIER U46

The Klavier U46 by Edelweiss is a retired model but one of the best sellers. It is a player piano with an upright, grand design and rich features.

With a traditional European design, you get top quality german pieces. A Strunz soundboard allows the U46 to come to life as do the Abel hammers and softclose keyfall.

With three peddles and a European action, the piano is capable of delivering high quality sound.

The player piano feature is controllable via an iPod or iPhone but you can also play the piano like a standard piano.

You can get the Klavier U46 in a gloss black finish, a walnut veneer, or a white lacquer finish. Chrome hardware is found on all of the pianos except for the walnut design.

For the walnut piano, the hardware is brass. The Klavier U46 is perfect for either a small or medium sized room.