Edelweiss Pianos

Edelweiss is a manufacturer of self-playing pianos that made the news when they came out. There is very little information about the company on their website or around the internet. However, the company is a family owned piano company that has been in operation for more than 40 years.

Mr. Norman, who was a mix of a physicist and a professional concert piano tuner, decided to make his own hands by piano. He took his experience in both of his professions to start handcrafting pianos and proved all those who told him it was a bad idea were wrong. Each piano had a mix of science and artisanship built into it.

The Edelweiss brand is part of the overall 1066 company. It started off as a way for consumers to get an affordable piano and then grew into a sister brand as innovation continued.

If you read news related to the musical industry you might have noticed that Edelweiss made the news several years back for an industry leading innovation. Their self-playing pianos could now be controlled from an iPad or iPod. This opened the Edelweiss pianos up to a whole new range of possibilities from iPad recording to playing along with music.

One thing to note about the connection between the two brands is that you would be hard pressed to find any connection between the two companies on the Edelweiss pianos.

There are only six standard models of Edelweiss pianos. That includes two uprights and four grand style pianos. These provide you a variety of sized pianos for your needs.

However, Edelweiss has a unique feature on their website where you can customize either the Flugel or Sygnet. The customization options are quite detailed. You can change the various styles of the build of the piano. You can also change the finishing and detailing of the piano down to some of the finest details.

Details even include being able to change the metal work finish and keyboard. You can truly get a customized piano to meet whatever your expectations are.
Edelweiss quickly became known for their pianos and people enjoy them.

Should you be thinking about enjoying your own Edelweiss, make sure that you take a moment to read over our various product descriptions of their pianos. This will help you to ensure that you get a full understanding of the options that are out there.


Edelweiss Grand Pianos


Edelweiss The Flügel G75

Edelweiss is a crafter of fine pianos with the twist that all of their pianos are self-playing. The company is also known for the ability to customize their pianos on their website or by phone so that you can get the perfect match for edelweiss FLÜGEL G75any location.

Edelweiss’s Flugel G75 is a grand piano with a full bass and an amazing tone. It is one of their large pianos, measuring in at six feet three inches. Classified as a boudoir grand piano the Flugel G75 uses a solid spruce Strunz soundboard to help produce its wonderful sound and the Abel hammers contribute to the stunning magnificence of this large piano.

The self-playing features are wirelessly controlled by an iPod or iPhone, allowing you to play music whether or not your have a musician behind the piano. Chrome hardware accents the eye-catching design of the Flugel G75 grand piano, which is available in a variety of finishes.

The adjustable stool that comes with the piano manages to maintain the classy appearance of the piano and the 5 year warranty helps to make every customer feel comfortable behind the keys.


Edelweiss The Sygnet G50

Edelweiss is a traditional maker of pianos that has a wide range of options to choose from. They are also well known for their Build Your Edelweiss option and their self-playing piano features.

edelweiss THE SYGNET G50The Sygnet G50 is a unique model they offer. It is the smallest grand piano in the world. No matter where you want to fit it, you can probably find a way to get it there. People have fit it in apartments, restaurants, and even on yachts.

The piano features a height of four feet two inches, quite small. It has wireless iPod control that allows the piano to play itself when you don’t have a musician but still want to provide an atmosphere for entertaining.

Whether there is a musician behind the piano or it is playing itself, the solid spruce Strunz soundboard will help to bring out the true sound of music.
For the Sygnet G50 you can find beautiful chrome hardware that adds an extra touch of class to this already wonderful design. Multiple different finishes can be selected for the Sygnet G50. The top has a middle hinge allowing for a lower clearance area.


Edelweiss Upright Pianos


Edelweiss The Klavier U46

Edelweiss is a major manufacturer of self-playing pianos and has a huge line of designs available. For over 40 years they have been working to craft the perfect pianos. Their pianos are designed in Cambridge, England by masters edelweiss THE KLAVIER U46who truly understand the art of making pianos.

The Klavier U46 by Edelweiss is a retired model but one of the best sellers. It is a player piano with an upright, grand design and rich features.
With a traditional European design, you get top quality german pieces. A Strunz soundboard allows the U46 to come to life as do the Abel hammers and softclose keyfall.

With three peddles and a European action, the piano is capable of delivering high quality sound. The player piano feature is controllable via an iPod or iPhone but you can also play the piano like a standard piano.

You can get the Klavier U46 in a gloss black finish, a walnut veneer, or a white lacquer finish. Chrome hardware is found on all of the pianos except for the walnut design. For the walnut piano, the hardware is brass. The Klavier U46 is perfect for either a small or medium sized room.