Casio PX-860

Casio is a major producer of electronics of all categories. Some of their most well-known electronics are their brands of office equipment, however, if you are in the musical world, their electronic music instruments are probably what you know them best for.

They produce a variety of instruments to meet your musical needs and they employee their diverse knowledge of technology to deliver the perfect products.

An 88 key, hammer action keyboard can be found on the Casio PX 860. One of the works of art made by the famous electronics company.

The piano has been made as compact as possible but still allows you to put on a full performance or to record with exceptional quality. The AiR technology and the general design, help to bring out every subtlety in the sound.

You can product 18 instrument tones from both acoustic and electric pianos. The power behind the PX 860 means that you can get a digital keyboard that is capable of meeting your needs.

It also has both USB and MIDI connections to help you connect the piano to a computer, flash storage device, or even to an iPad.