Casio CGP 700

Electronics of all kinds can be found on the Casio website and in their product catalog but for the musician there is one thing that they are known for.

Electronic musical instruments. Their suite of pianos and other musical instruments are superb and are industry leading. Musicians from around the world have sought these instruments out.

From first sight, you can tell there is something different about the Casio CGP 700. It all starts with the 5.3 inch touch screen that is as big as some phone screens.

You can control this powerhouse of a piano from that one screen. Many features from changing the sound to playing music and accessing flash storage can be done from the touch screen.

A six speaker system helps to output perfect sound from this brilliant piano. Not only will your mind be blown but you will be able to put on one of the best performances with the versatility and sound of the CGP 700.

Four of the speakers are built directly into the piano so that you still have most of the audio quality when you remove it from the stand.

One of the best uses for the CGP 700 is for teaching. Casio tested the piano with both students and teachers to make sure it met the diverse needs of the modern pianist learning to play the age old instrument.