Casio Digital Pianos

Many of the companies that we have talked about on the website produce multiple different types of instruments, but Casio does something more than that. They have a wide range of products, ranging from mobile phones to musical instruments. Their focus is completely on providing high quality digital pianos to the musical world. They do not make any non-electronic pianos.

Around 71 years ago (1946) Casio was founded in Japan under the name Kashio Seisakujo. Tadao, Kashio, the founder, specialized in fabrication technology but wanted to be a major innovator. Their first product was far from the musical industry, it was actually a ring that allowed you to smoke without having to hold the cigarette. Casio didn’t get its modern name until 1957 when it became Casio Computer Co. Ltd.

The 1980’s saw the release of a number of budget electronic instruments to be sold to the general public. Casio drew on experience from all of its various ventures in order to start crafting these electronic instruments and became very well-known for their instruments.

You can find six different lines of Casio keyboards today: portable keyboards, lighted keyboards, mini keyboards, compact digital pianos, XW, and workstation keyboards. As for digital uprights, there are two lines currently being produced: the Celviano and Privia lines. Each line has a variety of features meant to help maximize music production for any musician.

Casio also makes accessories for your digital pianos and keyboards such as DJ controllers, groove controllers, and a wide selection of quality headphones. You can find a one stop selection of everything you need to get your electronic piano running, all at Casio.

Casio is a major electronic musical instrument company that has interested musicians for years. The melding of quality with affordability makes the option of purchasing a Casio piano really attractive. Think that a Casio might be the next piano for your fingers to find home? Make sure that you take the time to read through our product descriptions to get an idea of the various different piano models that Casio makes. This will help you to make an informed decision.


Casio CGP 700

Electronics of all kinds can be found on the Casio website and in their product catalog but for the musician there is one thing that they are known for.
Electronic musical instruments. Their suite of pianos and other musical instruments are superb and are industry leading. Musicians from around the world have sought these instruments out.

From first sight, you can tell there is something different about the Casio CGP 700. It all starts with the 5.3 inch touch screen that is as big as some phone screens. You can control this powerhouse of a piano from that one screen. Many features from changing the sound to playing music and accessing flash storage can be done from the touch screen.

A six speaker system helps to output perfect sound from this brilliant piano. Not only will your mind be blown but you will be able to put on one of the best performances with the versatility and sound of the CGP 700. Four of the speakers are built directly into the piano so that you still have most of the audio quality when you remove it from the stand.

One of the best uses for the CGP 700 is for teaching. Casio tested the piano with both students and teachers to make sure it met the diverse needs of the modern pianist learning to play the age old instrument.


Casio Privia PX-160

Casio is a company that is known for manufacturing electronics of all kinds, from watches to electric musical instruments. That includes digital instruments. The Privia PX line of digital pianos is a line that represents their diverse experience and offerings. It has 18 different keyboard options available.

Most of the Privia PX line of pianos are easily portable and can be brought from space to space. But they also offer less portable options for those who are looking for a keyboard that will stay in one location and look even more grand while there. They all have wonderful sound that is reproduced with top of the line Casio technology.

All of the Privia PX line of pianos comes with AiR Sound Source. This is what works to give the pianos such great sound. It stands for Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator. The system is capable of producing very detailed sounds and the sampling used to build the library of sounds is more thorough than many of the competitors. That includes the ability to play 10 different built in grand piano tones.

The PX piano line is just as diverse as the people who use them. No matter who you are, you will be able to find a model that fits your needs.


Casio Privia PX 350

Out of all of the electronics that Casio makes, their electronic pianos are probably among their best. Combining all of their experience at making various electronics, they have crafted several fine lines of electronic musical instruments. If you are looking for a good keyboard, you don’t need to look too far to find one. The Casio Privia PX 350 is a great example of that.

Privia is one of Casio’s best piano lines. It is both lightweight and stylish. The PX 350 adds to that line and is considered to be a major addition. It is transportable and versatile but includes all of the features you would expect.

Each and every key is designed to feel realistic with a hammer action keyboard and ebony and ivory feel. But the AiR system is what really makes the piano come to life. This sound system allows the piano to put out a number of voices and to create a more natural tone than previous Casio digital pianos. Not to mention that it comes with 250 different instruments right off the bat.

With a 17 track built-in recorder and USB MIDI connections you can record all of the music you want and transfer it back and forth from the piano. The system is designed to be easy and pain free.


Casio Privia PX 760

If you are looking for a piano brand that is backed by many years of experience in producing electronics of all kind, don’t look further than Casio.
 Just about any kind of electronic device can be found on the Casio website, and they have taken their crafting experience to help build the perfect electronic piano. Their instruments and quality are both well known in the musical world.

The Casio Privia PX 760 is part of the popular Privia piano line which features quality keyboards that are stylish, compact, easy to transport, and have some of the best sound in the industry. Casio didn’t disappoint with the PX 760.
Featured on the Privia PX 760 is a hammer action keyboard and 88 keys that help any pianist feel like they are playing a natural keyboard. It doesn’t feel electronic. The sound helps you to believe that you are playing a true piano.

Like all of the Privia line, this piano features the AiR Sound system which allows for the voice to be turned to any number of instruments. What it also allows for, is the sound of a wonderful acoustic piano.


Casio PX-860

Casio is a major producer of electronics of all categories. Some of their most well-known electronics are their brands of office equipment, however, if you are in the musical world, their electronic music instruments are probably what you know them best for. They produce a variety of instruments to meet your musical needs and they employee their diverse knowledge of technology to deliver the perfect products.

An 88 key, hammer action keyboard can be found on the Casio PX 860. One of the works of art made by the famous electronics company. The piano has been made as compact as possible but still allows you to put on a full performance or to record with exceptional quality. The AiR technology and the general design, help to bring out every subtlety in the sound.

You can product 18 instrument tones from both acoustic and electric pianos. The power behind the PX 860 means that you can get a digital keyboard that is capable of meeting your needs. It also has both USB and MIDI connections to help you connect the piano to a computer, flash storage device, or even to an iPad.