Casio Pianos

Many of the companies that we have talked about on the website produce multiple different types of instruments, but Casio does something more than that. They have a wide range of products, ranging from mobile phones to musical instruments. Their focus is completely on providing high quality digital pianos to the musical world. They do not make any non-electronic pianos.

Around 71 years ago (1946) Casio was founded in Japan under the name Kashio Seisakujo. Tadao, Kashio, the founder, specialized in fabrication technology but wanted to be a major innovator. Their first product was far from the musical industry, it was actually a ring that allowed you to smoke without having to hold the cigarette. Casio didn’t get its modern name until 1957 when it became Casio Computer Co. Ltd.

The 1980’s saw the release of a number of budget electronic instruments to be sold to the general public. Casio drew on experience from all of its various ventures in order to start crafting these electronic instruments and became very well-known for their instruments.

You can find six different lines of Casio keyboards today: portable keyboards, lighted keyboards, mini keyboards, compact digital pianos, XW, and workstation keyboards. As for digital uprights, there are two lines currently being produced: the Celviano and Privia lines. Each line has a variety of features meant to help maximize music production for any musician.

Casio also makes accessories for your digital pianos and keyboards such as DJ controllers, groove controllers, and a wide selection of quality headphones. You can find a one stop selection of everything you need to get your electronic piano running, all at Casio.

Casio is a major electronic musical instrument company that has interested musicians for years. The melding of quality with affordability makes the option of purchasing a Casio piano really attractive. Think that a Casio might be the next piano for your fingers to find home? Make sure that you take the time to read through our product descriptions to get an idea of the various different piano models that Casio makes. This will help you to make an informed decision.