Bosendorfer Grand Piano 155

Bosendorfer has been manufacturing pianos for years and their name has been connected with some of the finest pianos from teaching pianos to grand pianos.

Just because the Grand Piano 155 was designed in 2012 doesn’t mean that it doesn’t mean the company’s fine standards. In fact, it carries on that standard quite well.

While only being 5 feet 1 inch, it comes close to matching the sound of some of the larger models they make. That is because they worked hard to ensure that it has the same characteristics just on a smaller scale.

Piano masters have already used this masterfully crafted piano to give wonderful performances. To help aid in this, only the finest crafting methods were used.

Bosendorfer only produces 300 pianos a year but that is a good thing for buyers. With a limited run, each piano receives extra attention.

It also allows each piano to receive a custom finish and design. From engraving to veneers, anything is possible. The piano is also available in silent edition so that you can practice at night without disturbing others.