Bosendorfer Concert Grand 290 Imperial

Bosendorfer is a piano company that started the imperial concert grand. They created the first prototype of a piano that had 8 full octaves of tonal range.

This was required in order to play certain music properly on a concert grand. Now, many years later, the Bosendorfer line has continued its tradition of creating imposing and powerful pianos.

The Concert Grand 290 Imperial is descended from that original Imperial Concert Grand that Bosendorfer built in the early 1900’s. It utilizes a specially designed resonant case to help carry the sound around any concert hall.

The bass strings that are unique to the Bosendorfer lines help to give the Grand 290 a sound that is just as impressive as its appearance.

In the eye of most musicians a Bosendorfer piano is a lifetime investment. Their pianos are handcrafted in Austria and the care that is put into them helps to prevent manufacturer defects or quality problems.

Bosendorfer is a limited production company. They only handcraft around 300 instruments a year. While this means that you have to act quickly to get a new Bosendorfer piano, it also means that they come with the ability to customize them.

You can choose from a huge selection of veneers or colors. You can also have your emblem placed on the piano.