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There were many different piano companies that were formed in the 1800’s but each one that survived came out with its own voice. Bosendorfer was founded in 1828 in Austria. The founder Ignaz Bosendorfer made a company that is one of the oldest piano companies that is still operating.

Bosendorfer had a passion for piano design and production that led him to starting his own company in 1828. His company became so successful and well-known in just two years that it became the official piano maker for the Emperor of Austria. A title that helped push Bosendorfer even further into the spotlight of piano manufacturers.

Jasper Corporation and later Kimball Pianos operated Bosendorfer for a while after it left the Bosendorfer family. Then it became a subsidiary of Yamaha pianos where it has remained since 2008. Despite being a subsidiary, the brand maintains a noticeable separation from the rest of Yamaha’s pianos.

One of the major things about Bosendorfer was that he helped to create pianos with more keys than standard. He created the Imperial Grand piano which has 97 keys. These additional keys helped to add a whole new level of sound to pianos.

If you were to visit the Bosendorfer website, you would be hard pressed to find any sign that it was owned by Yamaha. The only sign we were able to find was the Yamaha email address for the service department.

One Bosendorfer piano takes 587 hours of craftsmanship in order to build. That takes in not just the musical side but the wonderful appearance of each piano.

Bosendorfer builds both grands and upright pianos for people who like well crafted masterpieces. Each one has the same great care put into the crafting.

There is only one model of upright grand produced by Bosendorfer currently, that is the Grand Upright 130. It is an upright that manages to capture many of the features and most of the sound of a traditional grand piano. The construction incorporated the grand piano craftsmen from Bosendorfer, not just the upright craftsmen, to help come up with a perfect mix.

For grand pianos, Bosendorfer has nine different options. It all starts with the Grand Piano 155 and goes all the way up to the Concert Grand 290 Imperial. The current imperial model of piano offered by Bosendorfer is based on the original, made many years before. Each grand though is built with care and love that you would expect from a company with such a rich history.

Before deciding which Bosendorfer piano to buy, make sure that you take a look at our various piano descriptions so that you can get a feel for each model.

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