Bluthner PH Grand Piano

Bluthner is a piano company that believes that crafting a piano is about more than just the music, a piano will play how it looks.

With several really amazing designs, the Bluthner PH Gran Piano is near the top of the list. The crystal clear top allows you to see into the internals of the piano and distinguish each piece of wood that went into the crafting of the piano.

Bluthner managed to capture the sound of this piano in its appearance. It has a brilliant sound that is made unique by the materials the piano has been designed with. Since its release, the PH Grand has been a popular choice for musicians around the world.

The piano is 145 cm by 187 cm. The midsection of the piano is wrapped in fine leather. When you purchase your Bluthner PH Grand Piano you can choose from a variety of colors to adorn the piano. Each one will help the piano to fit into a different environment.