Blüthner Model One

Bluthner is a traditional piano company that takes a very unique approach to building their instruments. They believe that their instruments should look as good as they sound.

Now that the company has been around for over 150 years, they have produced a fair number of instruments. Whether it is a traditional design or a unique appearance such as the PH Grand, their pianos have been big hits.

The Model One takes it back to the classic offerings of Bluthner. The Model One is a masterpiece of design work that brings musicians back to the heritage of the Bluthner line.

It has a sound that will fill an orchestra hall and a classical appearance to make it fit right in. In fact, the piano’s sound has been so popular that it has been recorded multiple times for use as a virtual piano.

You can purchase the Bluthner Model One in the standard black finish that the piano is known for or in one of twelve different veneers that have been picked to fit well with the design of the piano. Veneer options range from dark wood to light wood and have a good variety to match your style.