Bluthner Pianos

Based out of Leipzig, Germany, Bluthner piano is a German piano company and is included in the category of one of the “big four” of the piano companies. Bluthner has a rich history and continues to produce top of the line pianos. Let’s examine their history.

In 1853 Julius Bluthner opened the first Bluthner Piano’s workshop. This workshop was in Leipzig. It first took Julius’s getting citizenship to Leipzig. Along with 3 other piano craftsman, the shop started creating pianos as soon as possible.

In 1900 Bluthner was the largest piano producer in all of Germany. The company was producing around 5,000 pianos each year. Blunther didn’t just pump out instruments, they focused heavily on the evolution of their instruments. Their innovations included: the fourth string, the cylindrical soundboard, and the angle cut hammers. Each of these innovations led to the unique sound of the Blunther.

If you want to determine the age of any Bluthner piano, you can visit their website. There is a serial number table that will help you to find the year that your piano was made. This is especially helpful if you need to verify the age of an older piano.

Bluthner makes two types of pianos, uprights and grand pianos. There are four main types of pianos on their website: Bluthner Classic, Bluthner Supreme, Bluthner PH Grand, Bluthner Crystal.

The Bluthner classic is there traditional, yet standard line. It includes a selection of both uprights and grands. There are six models of grand, all with various size options. They start at 280 cm and go down to 154 cm. There are five options for uprights starting at 145 cm and going down to 116 cm.

Sometimes a piano company goes above and beyond and that is what the supreme edition pianos do. There are eight different options, all with the Bluthner voice but each with a very unique appearance. Each one appears as if an artist crafted it.

A unique design, the PH Grand by Bluthner is something that will amaze any musician or even crowd member. These unique pianos have a wood and glass lid that allows you to see in from all directions. It also has a large amount of metal furnishings.

Lastly, the crystal edition is exactly what it sounds like. A crystal framed piano that allows the innards to be completely visible.

If you are interested in getting a Bluthner piano, make sure to take a look at our product descriptions. These are designed to help you get an idea for what each piano is like. We understand that buying a piano is no small purchase and you want to be fully informed before you make a purchase.


Bluthner Grand Pianos


Blüthner Model One

Bluthner is a traditional piano company that takes a very unique approach to building their instruments. They believe that their instruments should look as good as they sound.
Now that the company has been around for over 150 years, they have produced a fair number of instruments. Whether it is a traditional design or a unique appearance such as the PH Grand, their pianos have been big hits.

The Model One takes it back to the classic offerings of Bluthner. The Model One is a masterpiece of design work that brings musicians back to the heritage of the Bluthner line. It has a sound that will fill an orchestra hall and a classical appearance to make it fit right in. In fact, the piano’s sound has been so popular that it has been recorded multiple times for use as a virtual piano.

You can purchase the Bluthner Model One in the standard black finish that the piano is known for or in one of twelve different veneers that have been picked to fit well with the design of the piano. Veneer options range from dark wood to light wood and have a good variety to match your style.


Bluthner PH Grand Piano

Bluthner is a piano company that believes that crafting a piano is about more than just the music, a piano will play how it looks. With several really amazing designs, the Bluthner PH Gran Piano is near the top of the list. The crystal clear top allows you to see into the internals of the piano and distinguish each piece of wood that went into the crafting of the piano.

Bluthner managed to capture the sound of this piano in its appearance. It has a brilliant sound that is made unique by the materials the piano has been designed with. Since its release, the PH Grand has been a popular choice for musicians around the world.

The piano is 145 cm by 187 cm. The midsection of the piano is wrapped in fine leather. When you purchase your Bluthner PH Grand Piano you can choose from a variety of colors to adorn the piano. Each one will help the piano to fit into a different environment.


Bluthner Upright Pianos


Bluthner Irmler Supreme SP 118

If you’re looking for a good upright Piano that doesn’t take a lot of space, yet still delivers amazing performance, then the Bluthner Irmler Supreme SP 118 is for you. This marvelous piece bluthner Irmler Supreme SP 118of piano is the smallest instrument in the SP line, but it performs as good as the high-end models. It has upgraded hammers with an improved action manufactured by Detoa, which makes it a worthwhile upgrade from the Europe series.

It is firm in touch yet players will find it well balanced and perfectly suited to their needs. It comes in a stunning flawless polished ebony finish and gorgeous chrome fittings that catch the eye of the beholder. Standing 118cms tall, 154 cm wide and 62 cm in depth, the instrument is supplied with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Designed by Bluthner and made from high quality Czech components, the instrument with its musical capabilities is the pinnacle of European design and precision engineering with excellent value.

The Bluthner Irmler Supreme SP 118 is also available in a silent model, where the player can switch off the acoustic elements of the piano and practice privately with headphones.
The best part is that the piano delivers excellent musical performance with a touch of elegance that has the listener and the player both, captivated from the first keystroke.


Bluthner Irmler Supreme SP 132

The Julius Blüthner Pianofortefabrik company is one of Europe’s (and therefore the world’s) oldest and most respected piano manufacturers. Together with C.Bechstein, Bosendorfer, and Bluthner Irmler Supreme SP 132Steinway & Sons, Blüthner is the make of pianos that are most highly regarded by major recording companies, concert halls, and music conservatories.

The Bluthner Irmler Supreme SP 132 is the premier upright piano and is part of Bluthner’s ‘Supreme’ range. This upright piano stands 132 cm tall which makes it the tallest Bluthner upright in this category of professional pianos for studio work and performance.

The case is a traditional style upright piano case that’s finished in polished ebony. The soundboard is made from one piece of solid spruce for exceptional tone and resonance.
The hammers are manufactured by the Abel Hammer Company, another German firm that specializes in hammers for pianos and only uses the best wood and felt for a perfect response even after years of play.

The Detoa action is balanced by hand by the instrument makers at Blüthner’s facility in Leipzig and offers just the right amount of resistance.