Bechstein D-282

Wilhelm Carl Bechstein formed Bechstein in 1852 to fulfill his dream of owning a business. At the time, he was 27 and had worked for other instrument companies.

But his business went way beyond his dreams and is now one the most well-known names in the piano world. The Bechstein D 282 is one of their top of the line grand pianos.

Everything about the Bechstein is designed to be unique from the power to the voice. Being handmade, the experts behind the D 282 had the chance to ensure that it was capable of producing every sound needed for just about any style of piano.

The hammerheads are designed in order to give optimum sound volume so that even large concert halls can be filled by the Bechstein D 282.

Purchasing the Bechstein D 282 presents you with two different finish options: white or black. Both colors are designed to fit into any environment. The D 282 also can be combined with the C. Bechstein Vario System which enables playing with headphones in so that you don’t disturb others.