Baldwin SF10

For well over 100 years, Baldwin has been constructing pianos that have been used around the world to give some of best performances. Their name is well-known in the musical world and for good reason, musicians love their pianos.

While not their largest piano, the SF10 from Baldwin still manages a respectable size of 7 feet exactly. It is classified as an Artist Grand. During the design process Baldwin kept in mind the goals of quality construction and amazing performance.

The SF 10’s body is made from one piece of maple wood that was bent into the desired shape using the highest level of construction skills.

The rest of the pieces that go into the piano consist of other high-quality woods such as a spruce soundboard. The woods chosen for the Baldwin SF10 help to not only produce the highest quality sound but to carry that sound across a room.

There are two different finishes available for the Baldwin SF10: High Polished Ebony and Satin Ebony. All of the furniture for the SF10 comes in a brass color that adds to design of the piano. Also included is a hardwood bench that fits the design. With a great design and amazing sound quality, the Baldwin SF10 can be utilized for just about any and all recording and performance needs.