Baldwin SD10

Baldwin is a well-known producer of pianos. The company has been around since the mid-1800’s and has produced some of the best sounding devices around. The SD10 grand piano upholds that history of sound and power.

It is a full-size piano perfect for a concert setting at a size of 9 feet. With quality construction and tuning, it delivers one amazing performance every time.

The body of being built entirely out of maple, the SD10 is a work of art, not just a musical instrument. The soundboard is sourced from some of the finest spruce wood.

Each piece of wood is checked and double checked before being included in the construction of the Baldwin SD10 to help ensure that you get a piano that looks as good as it sounds and is durable too.

Baldwin has decided to offer two finish options for the SD10: Polished Ebony or Satin Ebony. The furniture for the piano is a brass color and it comes with a stylish bench that will look appropriate in any performance atmosphere you may find yourself in. While you can use the Baldwin SD10 for any purpose it excels in the areas of performance and quality recording.