Baldwin Pianos

Back in 1857 Dwight Baldwin thought that the country could use another musical teacher and piano dealership. Within 30 years he decided that America had more to offer to the instrumental world than just great instructors. He vowed to make the best piano that could be build.

Baldwin actually formed two companies, Hamilton Organ and Baldwin Piano Company. Unfortunately, Baldwin died only 4 years after the company made their first grand piano. But his partner, Lucien Wulsin, took over and drove the company to success from Baldwin’s dream and foundation.

During World War II, Baldwin produced plywood airplane parts in order to help the war effort. After the war, they resumed building some of the best pianos out there.

For years the company continued to produce pianos under the Baldwin name. These instruments were in high demand around the world, but the profit was only a portion of their income. The company had other investments in place that eventually led them to filing for bankruptcy.

Now Baldwin Piano and Organ Company operates under the Gibson Guitar Corporation. With the new branding, the company has continued to sell pianos.

Some large names in the musical world have used Baldwin Pianos for their performances and recording.

  • Amy Lee from Evanescence
  • Ray Charles
  • Aaron Copland
  • John Williams
  • Leonard Bernstein
  • Cat Stevens

The current products offered by Baldwin Pianos include both grands and upright pianos. Each type of piano comes with multiple options. These all have one thing in common though, they are all built with the same passion that Dwight Baldwin used to create his first piano.

Currently Baldwin is marketing ten grand piano options that range from compact grand to traditional grand pianos. Each one has a sound that is perfect for a variety of different locations. They also come in a variety of colors.

Nine different models of upright pianos exist. These models each have their own features that make them perfect for various applications. Just like the grand models, the uprights come in a variety of colors.

Recently, a large focus by Baldwin Pianos has been on creating custom pianos. Contacting Baldwin will help you to get a feel of the custom options that you have available to you. While the most requested custom features are different finishes, there are many different things that can be done with a Baldwin piano.

Take a look at our listing of Baldwin Pianos that we have created to help you get a feel for the options that are out there.


Baldwin Grand Pianos


Baldwin SF10

For well over 100 years, Baldwin has been constructing pianos that have been used around the world to give some of best performances. Their name is well-known in the musical world and for good reason, musicians love their pianos.
While not their largest piano, the SF10 from Baldwin still manages a respectable size of 7 feet exactly. It is classified as an Artist Grand. During the design process Baldwin kept in mind the goals of quality construction and amazing performance.

The SF 10’s body is made from one piece of maple wood that was bent into the desired shape using the highest level of construction skills.
The rest of the pieces that go into the piano consist of other high-quality woods such as a spruce soundboard. The woods chosen for the Baldwin SF10 help to not only produce the highest quality sound but to carry that sound across a room.

There are two different finishes available for the Baldwin SF10: High Polished Ebony and Satin Ebony. All of the furniture for the SF10 comes in a brass color that adds to design of the piano. Also included is a hardwood bench that fits the design. With a great design and amazing sound quality, the Baldwin SF10 can be utilized for just about any and all recording and performance needs.


Baldwin SD10

Baldwin is a well-known producer of pianos. The company has been around since the mid-1800’s and has produced some of the best sounding devices around. The SD10 grand piano upholds that history of sound and power.
It is a full-size piano perfect for a concert setting at a size of 9 feet. With quality construction and tuning, it delivers one amazing performance every time.

The body of being built entirely out of maple, the SD10 is a work of art, not just a musical instrument. The soundboard is sourced from some of the finest spruce wood. Each piece of wood is checked and double checked before being included in the construction of the Baldwin SD10 to help ensure that you get a piano that looks as good as it sounds and is durable too.

Baldwin has decided to offer two finish options for the SD10: Polished Ebony or Satin Ebony. The furniture for the piano is a brass color and it comes with a stylish bench that will look appropriate in any performance atmosphere you may find yourself in. While you can use the Baldwin SD10 for any purpose it excels in the areas of performance and quality recording.


Baldwin Upright Pianos


Baldwin B49

This particular vertical piano is undoubtedly an ideal match for the studio room, institution or even residence thanks to its top quality performance, tone, in addition to aesthetic classiness that blends in equal proportions.

Exquisite tonal depth along with vertical comfort is offered by this brand new baldwin b49B49-HPE which appears really fantastic in a vintage high-polish Ebony finish.
This model, similar to just about all Baldwin pianos, has been constructed from high-quality components which are known to produce top-quality specialized pianos on the planet.

The B49 is yet another traditional Baldwin product thanks to its amazing sophisticated looks plus smooth playing action. Moreover, this 125 cm-tall piano can also accommodate a big soundboard for a profound and impressive tone.

The Mapes or Roslau strings of the instrument possess extended speaking lengths as compared to the typical upright pianos out there. On top of this, the revolutionary Baldwin Scale Design is employed by this piano for producing sparkling highs.

Its tone, as well as overall performance, is further boosted by using high-quality tone woods, along with a reliable tough maple bridge, jazz soundboard, in addition to an attractive back frame.

The recognized Full Blow™ Direct Action of Baldwin results in an excellent response as well as feel which helps to provide a genuinely classic tone.
Apart from all these features, the pianist will also be able to use the more compact, ornamental music holder or even flip the fallboard back while bringing out the entire music desk thus allowing quite a few pages of music and this is all possible because of an innovative multipurpose “double music rack” cabinet layout.
In a nutshell, this cutting-edge B49 is truly incomparable in terms of playability, tone, not to mention flexibility.


Baldwin BP1

The innovative and breathtaking BP1 features premium-quality components along with tone-woods which are common with almost every Baldwin product and it is available at a reasonably affordable price as well.

The piano is reputed for offering top-notch playability, tone, resilience, as well baldwin bp1as an extraordinary value which can be expected from a concise upright piano. Furthermore, it has a mind-blowing appearance thanks to the sophisticated high-polish Ebony finish.

BP1 employs the celebrated Baldwin Scale Style in spite of the fact that it is smaller than the majority of the Baldwin vertical pianos out there.
As compared to the majority of the compact uprights, being 120 cm in height, the BP1 has a capacity of accommodating a bigger soundboard and can also boast of offering a full, effective sound.

Its Roslau or Mapes strings come with a longer speaker length which allows a vibrant tone in addition to a deep bass. Moreover, Baldwin is known to use the identical top-notch components plus high-quality tone woods which are typical with the most well-known professional pianos on the market.
It also features a strong 2-ply beech, spruce soundboard, as well as a hard-maple bridge, a back frame and spruce ribs, in addition to an innovative 19-ply laminated maple pin block.

On top of that, the piano will also provide an excellent feel as well as response thanks to the innovative Full Blow™ Direct Action from Baldwin. Therefore, do not hesitate and get in touch with your nearby Baldwin vendor to get hold of an amazing state-of-the-art vertical piano right now.